Sabrina Kaufmann
Fashion Illustrations and Manga Art Workshops


In love with drawing and writing since my childhood, I decided to live my passion and make a living with art. Besides my commerce studies to launch my own business, I kept on creating and illustrating stories, animating art lessons, attending conventions, in order to spread happiness, joy and dreams with the world!

More than everything, I love drawing. My illustrations often portray fashionable and elegant dolls, often switching between burlesque, Victorian and modern inspiration.

Workshops & Online teaching
Teaching is as important to me as drawing. Since 2011, I am animating manga-inspired classes in shops, schools, libraries, and through online classes with personalized follow-up. Seeing my pupils enthusiasm and being able to share the magic of creating are gifts I dearly cherish, and I just love being in touch with other passionate people!

Manga & Webcomics
I published my first book when I was 14, and back then, decided to become a mangaka. I published other books along the way, drew comic pages for local magazines, but once I got self-employed, it became difficult to find enough time to create new books. Nevertheless, I still deeply enjoy creating pages and telling stories, and try to work as often as possible on IllusFairy, my current manga project retracing Grimm’s and Andersen’s fairytales, published for free as a webcomic on a weekly basis.