Hello! I’m Sabrina Kaufmann

Manga Illustrator & Creative Entrepreneur from Luxembourg.

Making you dream with fashionable fairytale Illustrations & Manga, 
Inspiring Illustrators by sharing my artist experiences & knowledge.

When little 14-year old me took the courage to publish my first veeery imperfect book, I would’ve never imagined that this was the starting point to creating a life of freedom & creativity, leading to more manga, commissions, conventions, teaching, a fashion brand, and so much more! Self-taught illustrator and daring entrepreneur at heart, nothing thrills me more than constantly creating, improving and documenting what I’ve learnt.

By going all in with my own dreams and constantly striving to become a better creative, I hope to inspire and support you in your own artist journey, too!

My Art in 3 Words


There’s nothing more elegant in the world than a woman’s beautiful figure. Welcome to my world filled with  plenty of females with gorgeous dresses, makeup and overly long model legs!


The right clothes have the power to make us dream, feel beautiful and confident. My art is mostly inspired by haute couture, Baroque, Victorian and Lolita fashion.


Beautiful princesses wearing gorgeous gowns in enchanting settings. I love taking my work to places where magic happens, where you can dream and where anything is possible!

My Values in 3 Words


Constantly coming up with new ideas is my driving force. Do you know that feeling of not being able to sleep because you have sooo much you want to do and draw? Illustrator by job and entrepreneur by heart, I just love creating, experimenting, and sharing everything I’ve learnt!


As a self-taught artist and entrepreneur, it took me years of trials & error to figure things out. With 16, I took the best decision of my life: I started teaching.  Offering young people the guidance I never had and seeing their happiness as they evolve in their art journey is just priceless!


I firmly believe that doing what you love most helps the world. Seeing amazing artists motivates me to constantly better myself. By going all in for my own dreams, I hope to also become an inspiration for you, so you’ll dare chase after your own creative dreams and what truly lights you up!

My Current Projects

Illustrated Fairytales

My most cherished project analyzing classical fairytales in manga format, free to read online. Telling beautiful stories is what motivated me into this job in the first place!

Himesama & Cons

Drawing fashion is nice, but wearing it is better! With graphic designer Loïc Artieri, we’re creating original clothes with a lolita & alternative twist. You can find them online and at cons.

From Art to Business

I believe anyone should get the chance to realize their dreams. My free weekly YouTube videos & affordable courses on Patreon are available in EN+FR, and there to support aspiring artists.

My Art Journey

Interested to see how it all started?
Here’s my art journey!

Press & Interviews

Some articles & interviews are still available to read online – just click the pictures to be redirected!

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