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I have been updating the webshop during the entire last week, and I am pleased to announce that it is finally set up. There are various sections, ranging from art lessons and tutorials to prints and original artwork. Here’s a little overview of what you can find!

Aesthetica – Artbook Vol.1

I am most excited to present you my new book series, “Aesthetica”, of which I just received the copies! It’s been years that I wanted to create an artbook and I eventually decided to publish it in magazine format. The book presents my latest artwork, some of which are still unpublished, as well as some step-by-steps and insights into my private sketchbook, the whole project being in A5-format, printed on 250g matte quality paper.

Aesthetica Vol.1 will be launched at the Luxcon this week-end. You can already order your copy in the shop, where you will find additional details. Please notify me if you wish to preorder and fetch your copy at the Luxcon; otherwise, the books will be sent out on Monday!

Preorder Aesthetica Vol.1 in the shop!

Exclusive Shop Products

Seeing as I have created more and more products over time and don’t always have enough booth space at events, I have decided to sell some products exclusively in the shop. Among the current news, you will find stationary paper, and limited edition prints, which will be gradually updated.

I have upgraded my Surprise Packages, which are available both in the shop and during conventions. To change from my elder packages and offer more interesting contents, the new packages will contain mostly exclusive prints, which will not be offered on regular conventions. Some of them are available as Shop Exclusivities, others will remain a total surprise, with a high quality rendering on linen pearl paper (because it’s so beautiful and shiny). Be it postcards, bookmarks or collector’s prints, most will be limited to a maximum of 5 copies, or a single one, depending on the motive. As always, one original A5 artwork will be present in each package, and some special gift vouchers are distributed here and there. So, from now on, surprises guaranteed for sure ; )

Tutorials & Art Lessons

Most of the shops news concern my Tutorials & Art Lessons section, where you can find tutorials, art lessons, behind-the-scene projects and more. I have made a proper presentation for each of them and uploaded the download files. Now, for every order, you will immediately receive a download link to get your desired files. Each file,  except for my old online lessons, is available in both English and French. I hope that it can give you an interesting insight into my work, and help you for your own art!

As always, if you are interested in receiving various downloads, you might want to subscribe to, where you can receive all those perks at a cheaper rate on a monthly basis : )

Shop & Luxcon Discounts

LUXCON – 1+1 FREE ON PRINTS – I also introduced a 1+1 free offer on prints last month on my website, which didn’t work because of the problems encountered. To make up for this, I will uphold it at the Luxcon this week-end. For every poster, postcard, bookmark and A5 collector prints, you will pay once the price and receive two copies of your choice. Don’t miss the event, you can come in cosplay and there are always awesome booths and products!

SHOP – 50% PRINTSAs for the shop, various prints are available at a up to 50% discount in the Prints&Goodies category. Some of them are unique, such as the A0 Prints, others are low in stock and no reprints are planned, so make sure to get yours before it’s too late 😉


Discover all the news in the shop!

Just for fun… that’s what my place looks like when I prepare for a convention and take stock of every product I have. It’s a complete mess 8’D






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