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Let’s start with some news for this new website! The entire rebuilt, transfer and administrative issues have been taken care of over the last few days, and I hope you’ll enjoy this new version. There are novelties in almost every section, especially in the “Illustration” area, so feel free to check them out if you’re curious ; )

Among the news, I am excited to present my 4 Seasons Tea Collection. Since I love tea and always wanted to draw some motives with the four seasons,  I decided to combine both. For collectors, the original illustration of each motive is available in my shop. Overall, I worked with markers and ink and tried to give each season a dominant colour and elements reminding of their ambiance – warm autumn leaves, icy frost, bright spring flowers, and sunny summer days. And you – what do you associate with seasons, and which one is your favourite?

Though the shop is not totally updated yet, you can already place orders. It now offers more options than my previous one, for instance with the possibilities of paying without credit card with Paypal or bank transfer (and many other nice features I’m currently exploring, such as automated gift vouchers – now that’s some good news for you, isn’t it?). The products will be gradually added and as stated before, a complete French version will also be created – I have just fallen behind with other projects since taking care of this new website’s organization took so much time, so I need to work on those first. But promised, within a month, everything should be in place, and in the meanwhile, there will be weekly blog updates as it used to be!

If you have suggestions to improve the website, to make it more agreeable, or if you just wish to tell me what you think about this new version so far, I’d love to hear from you ♥



  • Barkoukou


    J ai une fille âgée de 11ans qui voudrait faire des cours de manga.
    Avez vous un programme

    Barkoukou isabelle

    • Sabrina Kaufmann


      Merci beaucoup pour votre intérêt! Je vous ai contactée par e-mail pour plus d’informations.

      Bien à vous,

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