Today, I want to present you a special place: the K-waii K-fé, a manga café in Arlon (Belgium). Seeing as it is near Luxembourg, I got pretty excited upon hearing the news of its opening last year, and eventually got the opportunity to collaborate with the store. If you don’t know the place yet, I highly recommend you pay it a visit!


Mascot collaboration

Before the overture, I met the shop owner Alex and we decided to collaborate. I got the opportunity to create a mascot as well as a bookmark for the café. We wanted something cute – and what’s best for a manga café than a cute maid surrounded by sweets?

Shop Tour

For those who are not familiar with the concept of a manga cafe, it is basically a place where you can read manga. Kwai Kfé also offers other services, such as Japanese merchandising and food. Situated in the center of Arlon in Belgium, at 60 Grand-Rue, you’ll immediately recognize it due to its eccentric showcase. I invite you to take a virtual tour!

Upon entering, you will discover a selection of Japanese food and goodies. The food shelves offer mostly snacks, noodles and tea, while the goodies are more diversified with plushies, stationary, tea cups, etc. You will also be able to buy manga in French, and apparently, new arrivals in German recently arrived, seeing as Luxembourgish customers requested them. Since last week, some of my prints and tote bags are also available there ; )

Once you have seen the food and goodies at the entry, you may want to go further and climb some stairs. You will reach the counter and, most importantly for collectors, the figurine area. A whole bunch of classy manga characters are awaiting you, and if you want to see more, the shop features its collection on its Facebook page.

Next to the figurines comes the tea room with cute pink smiling tables (now that’s cute, isn’t it?). You can order delicious food at a very cheap price – most of them cost 2€ only and they are soo yummy! Among the classical snacks, there is bubble tea, dorayaki, mocchi, latte art, etc. I recommend you to try the bubbies, frozen sweets with rice paste and ice cream in various flavours. I also tried a newly arrived vanilla snack because of its adorable packaging with a chick in its egg (it was a pity to open that, it just looked too cute XD).

Snack orders will grant you a one-hour access to the reading room just behind. Of course filled with manga, you can find an entertaining selection. Be it shonen, shojo, seinen, or even a handful of yaoi and yuri if I remember correctly, there should be interesting series for every taste.

Worthy to mention for Black Butler fans, you can also take a picture with a life-size panel of sexy Sebastian (I forgot to take one, damn). Moreover, the shop owner Alex loves talking and is always friendly and ready to help you. If you are looking for a nice place with a relaxed atmosphere where you can eat and read to your heart’s content, and talk about Japanese culture with other otakus, you should definitely check it out! : )


Find the Kwai Kfé:

Grand-Rue, 60

Open every day, mostly starting 10′
For more info, opening hours and photos, visit the café’s Facebook page!