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    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas time, and that you’ll enjoy your New Year’s Eve with friends, family and all the people you love and who are dear to you! For this last 2018 post, let’s wrap it up with some more Christmassy artwork ♥

    You might already have seen them in my shop or during events, seeing as they have been used as postcard motives – but since I never posted them correctly, here are the proper scans! Which one is your favourite?

    Bye bye, 2018!

    And with this, we’ll conclude 2018 – to me, it was my first complete year working freelance. Now, I’m still struggling and I’m still not able to make a living on my own, and it is often challenging since you never know what will come next, or whether you’ll actually be able to keep this up – clients and projects come and go, unexpected things happen, … Nevertheless, despite the hardships, I’ve loved every moment of it, and your lovely encouragements on conventions, social media, or other encounters kept on motivating me to always surpass myself. So – thank you, you’re amazing!

    A big, big thanks also goes to my Patreon supporters who’ve all been there for a good while now. I’ve tried many things, got sidetracked with some projects, had my doubts with others – and they kept on hanging in there, showing me their love and support over all those months. They’re my absolute heroes, so let’s give them some applause!

    Elythe, Georges, Sven, Lühk, Thibault, Hoai Thu, Alessia, Cathia, Madeline, Juliette, David, Hélène, Philippe, Ronny – love you all so much!♥

    And… what comes next? For now, I am wrapping up some projects, planning ahead new ones and events as well. I’m thrilled to share them with you as time will go by, and I hope you’ll be there to discover them. Once again, thank you so much for your adorable support during 2018, you’re the best!

    How was your 2018? Have you achieved your goals?
    Do you have any good resolutions for 2019? : D



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    The Bull

    Last month, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Naturpark Our in order to illustrate a Luxembourgish tale in comic version – a story about a bull haunting Vianden. I have to admit that I had never heard about it before, and it nice to discover and illustrate it. Seeing as the project had to be released for Halloween on Naturpark Our’s Facebook page, I tried to give the part with the bull a darker, “halloweenish” feel. The tale is to be read from left to right, and I hope you’ll enjoy discovering it!



    Texts and story provided by Naturpark Our
    Layout and illustrations by Sabrina Kaufmann

    Do you know other Luxembourgish tales? Or are you fond of any other folk tales?
    Tell me, I’d love to discover them! : D


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    New Illustrations

    Walfer Bicherdeeg 2018 ended once again and like the last years, I’ve loved every moment of it – be it with old friends or newcomers, you offered me the opportunity to draw for you, to talk and laugh with you, and I’ll always cherish those memories. Thank you so, so much!

    For that event, I teased two new illustrations which could be discovered upon visiting. For those who missed it, here are the proper scans, with a new queen and a new lady from my food series! Both of them will now be available as an A4 Deluxe Print on upcoming conventions, as well as in my online shop. So, what do you think of them? Which one is your favourite?:D

    Fruits des Bois & Queen of Darkness

    What’s next?

    Conventions – For the Belgian people among you, my next stop is already this week-end at Mon’s Livre, 24+25th November from 10h-18h, booth 196 in the “Littératures de l’Imaginaire Corner”, and will be the last big event of the year. I hope to meet you there!

    Insta Art Raffle – A new Instagram art raffle will be published shortly, and will allow you to win an original artwork through a special concept – but for the complete conditions, surprise for now! It will be unveiled in an Insta post this Friday, and I hope to count you in! If you’re not on Instagram yet, you can follow me @sabrinak.art

    The year is slowly coming to an end, but I am already planning upcoming projects, some events for next years have already been confirmed… You’ll know about it all in due time;) Until then, thank you so much for always being there, you’re the best!


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    #blackletterball #ornatehorror

    Entering the #blackletterball, an event hosted by @ameliori, @mins_arts, @myriamtillson, and @nadiarausa on Instagram! The theme being #ornatehorror, I have decided to go with a fashion design inspired by the Calavera Katrina. I abandoned the heavy make-up but totally went for an excentric gown. And since I see sooo many Inktober sketches as of late – I felt like doing an ink piece as well 😀

    Since it’s Halloween today, what are your plans?
    Will you go to a party with a spooky costume as well? ; )




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    Illustrations & Food

    By now, you should know how I love integrating yummy food or dresses into my artwork. If the two are possible, combining them both is even better – so here we go for two new illustrations! Inspired by my “Bon Appétit” illustration (the one on my banner here), I loved creating both of them, and I am planning other ones as well.


    Pause Café

    Though I’m madly in love with my tea, as of late, I started liking coffee as well. I always loved the scent yet found it too bitter, and I recently tried flavoured caramel cappuccino… what, it doesn’t count as real coffee and it’s full of calories? Anyways, here’s the first illustration, as well as a step-by-step so that you can appreciate the process !

    Fruits du Verger

    Funnily enough, I got my inspiration for this second illustration… while eating a yogurt with peaches and pears. I don’t know, but the packaging had such a lovely colour combination – white, soft yellowish orange, green – that I decided to make an illustration out of this. So,here we go, with a video this time! (if you are wondering, it’s the Luxlait “Fruits du Verger” yogurt, besides having this pretty packaging, it’s also delicious!)

    If you are interested in discovering more about the creation of “Fruit du Verger”, it will be available for any 5+ signup during entire October on my Patreon, with a commented step-by-step, material references, and real time video.

    Patreon allows you to get unique content, tutorials and art lessons while supporting my work, thus allowing each of us to mutually help one another and create art together! You can learn more on


    As stated, other illustrations for that series are planned, and you’ll see them as soon as they are finished.
    Otherwise, is there any motive you’d like me to illustrate? I’m always open to new ideas : D



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    Steampunk & Art

    As I recently announced in my agenda, I will be participating in the Anno 1900 Steampunk convention this week-end in Fond-de-Gras, Luxembourg. It’s the first time and I’m so thrilled, seeing as it is such a special event  in a unique setting. I remember when I first went as a visitor and I totally loved to be surrounded by such interesting booths and beautiful costumes.

    Of course, I have been working on new artwork to go along with this occasion, and I am pleased to introduce a new product as well: A3 Deluxe Prints. Here we go for an overview!

    Please note that the event lasts the entire week-end, but I will be able to attend on Sunday only.



    It’s been a while I hadn’t drawn in a big format, and I thought it was time to resume working in A3 with a decent background. This illustration has been inspired by Lyrebirds. Last month, I took a vacation to Frankfurt, where I visited the Senckenberg Museum with its bird exhibition. Seeing so many unique feathers and shapes inspired me to combine them with fashion designs, and here is the first try!

    A3 Deluxe Prints

    For this unique event, I have been thinking about unique goodies as well, and came up with A3 Deluxe Prints. I wanted to offer you something not everyone will have, with the best possible quality; the prints are thus printed on 300g grained paper, with the rendering close to an original. But for a change, every single print is hand signed and enhanced with glitter, gold or gloss on specific parts, so that each of them has a more unique feel.

    The Deluxe Prints motives are also new designs, some of them featuring the Oh!My Dress fashion girls. Some may be available as bookmarks or postcards, but the complete illustration will be limited to this format for collectors.

    The Deluxe Prints will be convention goods only. Unfortunately, I can’t put them in the shop, seeing as shipping would be too expensive, and to avoid rolling or damaging the prints in any way. If you are interested in such a high-quality print though, you may want to have a look at my A4 Textured Prints – they’re basically the same, only without the hand-embellishment.


    Of course, other artwork and goodies will be awaiting you
    – please visit if you have some time, I’d love to see you on Sunday!

    Have you already been to Anno 1900 or another Steampunk convention?



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    ILLUS – Queen of Time

    Hi everyone! Those who visited me last month in Contern have already discovered this artwork, so time to post it online as well. I was inspired to work with a more “steampunkish” style again, so here we go with the proper scan and a time lapse of the creative process!

    The Original Artwork is available for sale in my Online Shop.

    New goodies are to come with that motive, can’t wait to show them to you! It is already available as a A4 Collector Print on textured paper, but I would like to create bookmarks and posters as well. Would you like to see it as another specific piece of merchandize?


    “Queen of Time” will be available in my Patreon rewards on August 1st.

    All 5+ Supporters will receive:
    – 2 videos of this illustration (9min complete time lapse +1h30 real time video)
    – PDF containing with commented step-by-step photos
    – complete used material references

    If you wish to receive monthly art lessons, tutorials, behind-the-scene files and exclusive material while supporting my artwork, you might want to subscribe to Patreon : )


    See you next week for other projects!



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    Fashion Art


    Hello everyone! Those who are following me on Instagram have already seen that I’m pretty inspired for fashion designs as of late – here are some of my recent designs! For those of you who keep on asking me where I find my ideas, I usually like doodling in a sketchbook and the ideas just come naturally when I start sketching. They are not always good, they often need modifications, but I guess that works the same way for many artists – just start sketching, and the ideas will follow : )

    Which dress design do you like most of those three?

    I like mixing baroque fashion, costume design and haute couture, and try to use various of those elements, along with concepts and ideas in my designs. Common things I like are flowers, butterflies, jewels, and I like working with themes. From left to right, my themes were “wild” – “butterflies and feminity” – “desert princess”. Other topics I’d like to use in upcoming works are for instance “masquerade” and “matryoshka” – let’s see how they turn out!

    To get inspiration, I also like looking up fashion designers from time to time. My top reference is Stella de Libero, who’s designing such wonder wonderful wedding dresses that could come straight out of fairy tales. Another fashion line I appreciate are the wedding dresses worn by Nozomi Sasaki (yes, you got it, I LOVE wedding dresses… hope to wear such a beautiful gown myself one day 8D). Otherwise, I also like lolita brands such as Atelier Pierrot, or generally haute couture gowns. If you’re into high fashion and pretty dresses, I’d recommend to have a look at those references : )

    If you are interested in the creative process of my fashion sketches, one of them has been recorded and will be sent out as a 1h real time video to my 5+ Patreon supporters on August 1st! Patreon allows you to get unique content, tutorials and art lessons while supporting my work, thus allowing each of us to mutually help one another and create art together – discover more on Patreon.com/SabrinaK !

    So, what about you?
    Do you like fashion arts?
    What are your personal references or designers you look up to?



  • Artwork,  Online Shop

    Tarot Art – The Moon


    Continuing with my tarot card series! This time, I was inspired by The Moon – I couldn’t resist but use my OC Luna for this illustration, seeing as she is the personification of the night in my IllusFairy manga series. Since I know some of you appreciate behind-the-scenes and step-by-step work, I have included some steps of this illustration below as well, and hope you’ll like it!

    The original artwork of the tarot motives are now available in my shop. If you wish to get a unique piece of art and appreciate all the details of the blending work, you want to check it out!
    Visit the online shop

    For collectors, I also opened a new tier on my Patreon where you can get your hand on a selection of original artwork at a more advantageous rate, along with all the other benefits my supporters receive every month. If you wish to support my work, this can be a way of doing so, while it also allows you to get many benefits from it:)
    Info and artwork selection on Patreon.com/SabrinaK

    Anyways – concerning tarot cards, are there motives you’d like me to draw?
    Which cards would you like to see?


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    Tarot Illustrations


    Hello everyone! As mentioned a while ago on Instagram, I have always found divination cards and esoteric stuff interesting, especially tarot decks for their significations and motives. So, recently, I have decided to pick up some of them for a new series of illustrations mixed with fashion design – and here are the two first motives!

    “The Hanged Man” will be available in my Patreon rewards on July 2nd. All 5+ Supporters will receive two videos of this illustration (9min complete time lapse +1h30 real time video), along with a PDF containing step-by-step photos and the complete used material references. If you wish to receive monthly art lessons, tutorials, behind-the-scene files and exclusive material while supporting my artwork, you might want to subscribe to Patreon : )

    Tarot – A brief introduction

    Tarot cards were initially playing cards in the late 14th century Europe. They started getting used for divination in the late 18th century during the Age of Enlightenment. Overall, various decks have seen the light, with variable illustrations according to the countries they were produced by. Currently, the most used divination tarot deck is the “Tarot de Marseille“, as invented in Paris in the late 18th century, with 78 cards divided into two categories: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

    > There are 22 Major Arcana, which have no direct relation to one another. They mostly represent concepts and allegories: the Sun, the Moon, Justice, the Fool, … Each card has a meaning and can be taken individually. Nevertheless, each card also builds upon the previous one to show a journey to completion.

    > On the other hand, there are 4 suits of Minor Arcana, each containing 14 cards with ten numbers and four court figures. The series are usually wands, cups, pentacles, swords. Though they are more complex to understand than the Major Arcana, they are pretty interesting, seeing as each series represents one aspect of life (wands = life and energy  / cups = relationships and emotions / pentacles = wealth and finances / swords = professional world and actions). Depending on the consultant’s question, more or less cards of each series will show. Combining both Major and Minor Arcana, the results can be diversified and interesting to analyse.

    Tarot readings can be done for open or closed questions – the first being free to your interpretation, the second being a yes/no matter. One can arrange cards while using various Tarot Spread models. The simplest spread starts with 3 cards to represent your past / present / future, others are far more complex and can be used to analyse various aspects of a person’s life within the next months. Some will prefer specific readings for a single area in their life, others will want to have a complete overview.


    Whether you believe in divination or not, getting to know Tarot cards is pretty interesting – there are so many symbols and interpretations which make those cards so complex! Thank you so much for reading this article and see you soon <3

    What do you think of divination and esoteric? Do you believe in it?
    Which motives would you like me to draw next?