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    Hello everyone! As mentioned a while ago on Instagram, I have always found divination cards and esoteric stuff interesting, especially tarot decks for their significations and motives. So, recently, I have decided to pick up some of them for a new series of illustrations mixed with fashion design – and here are the two first motives!

    “The Hanged Man” will be available in my Patreon rewards on July 2nd. All 5+ Supporters will receive two videos of this illustration (9min complete time lapse +1h30 real time video), along with a PDF containing step-by-step photos and the complete used material references. If you wish to receive monthly art lessons, tutorials, behind-the-scene files and exclusive material while supporting my artwork, you might want to subscribe to Patreon : )

    Tarot – A brief introduction

    Tarot cards were initially playing cards in the late 14th century Europe. They started getting used for divination in the late 18th century during the Age of Enlightenment. Overall, various decks have seen the light, with variable illustrations according to the countries they were produced by. Currently, the most used divination tarot deck is the “Tarot de Marseille“, as invented in Paris in the late 18th century, with 78 cards divided into two categories: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

    > There are 22 Major Arcana, which have no direct relation to one another. They mostly represent concepts and allegories: the Sun, the Moon, Justice, the Fool, … Each card has a meaning and can be taken individually. Nevertheless, each card also builds upon the previous one to show a journey to completion.

    > On the other hand, there are 4 suits of Minor Arcana, each containing 14 cards with ten numbers and four court figures. The series are usually wands, cups, pentacles, swords. Though they are more complex to understand than the Major Arcana, they are pretty interesting, seeing as each series represents one aspect of life (wands = life and energy  / cups = relationships and emotions / pentacles = wealth and finances / swords = professional world and actions). Depending on the consultant’s question, more or less cards of each series will show. Combining both Major and Minor Arcana, the results can be diversified and interesting to analyse.

    Tarot readings can be done for open or closed questions – the first being free to your interpretation, the second being a yes/no matter. One can arrange cards while using various Tarot Spread models. The simplest spread starts with 3 cards to represent your past / present / future, others are far more complex and can be used to analyse various aspects of a person’s life within the next months. Some will prefer specific readings for a single area in their life, others will want to have a complete overview.


    Whether you believe in divination or not, getting to know Tarot cards is pretty interesting – there are so many symbols and interpretations which make those cards so complex! Thank you so much for reading this article and see you soon <3

    What do you think of divination and esoteric? Do you believe in it?
    Which motives would you like me to draw next?


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    Sweets & Goodies


    Hey dearies, how are you? For this week’s news, I wish to show you two recent pieces of artwork, and some ideas for goodies. I love sweets and warm beverages, which have inspired me lately. As you saw in latest posts, I have been inspired by tea and pralines – now I went with cakes and hot chocolate!

    The first one was inspired by Alice in Wonderland (Alice in Sweetsland now? ; ). I recently ordered some coloured Pentel brushes and Faber Castell Pitt liners, which I tried out on this illustration as soon as I got all of them, then combined it with my usual Copic markers. I have been using Dalbe 120g paper which I mostly use for all my illustrations – just for information, since there were people asking for my favourite material.

    As for the second work, I drew it after going to the Chocolate House in Luxembourg, a place which offers various cakes and chocolate sticks to melt in a mug. There are so many flavours, like chocolate sticks with fruits, tiramisu, sweets… If you haven’t been there yet and if you love chocolate, I recommend you pay it a visit!
    Chocolate House Website


    Those latest illustrations also inspired me for new goodies for upcoming conventions. I have been thinking about mugs, as well as tin boxes. Those ideas came to me while I was rearranging my tea corner in my room where I keep on accumulating big tea bags, and I thought it would be much neater to have elegant tin boxes to store the leaves. Since I also love drinking tea in pretty mugs, the idea came to me at the same time.

    I am currently looking into potential manufacturers to see whether I could get an affordable price for it. My biggest concern though is being able to carry those goodies without breaking them during transportation. I’ll see how it turns out, and keep you updated!


    Anyways, let me know your thoughts in a comment!
    Would you be interested in mugs or tea boxes?
    Are there any other goodies you would like to see?
    Thank you : D

    PS: Speaking of goodies, there is an ongoing art raffle on my Instagram to thank my first 100+ followers. You can win surprise packages filled with prints and other art stuff, so make sure you don’t miss it !
    Instagram @sabrinak.art

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    We love Chocolate!


    I have recently been working on a gift project with chocolate!
    On top of the illustration, I tried making a sweet packaging and filled it with pralines. Do you like chocolate as well? : )

    For those who are interested in a behind the scenes process, I recorded a full time lapse video, photographed the references of the material used on every step, and am working on a commented walkthrough of this illustration. Everything will be released next month on Patreon.com/SabrinaK !


    Sorry for the weird background music in the video XD I keep on getting copyright complaints about the music I used despite having tried pretty much everything so I just took one of the random audios from my video editor. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on good royalty free music, I’d love to get the link ; )

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    Happy Easter!


    Happy Easter! I realized it is the first time ever I have drawn an illustration for that event ~ I just finished my Patreon rewards (previews following soon) and am getting ready for a meal and relaxing day with family. What are you doing today? Will you go out egg hunting? ; )

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    Artwork & News


    Let’s start with some news for this new website! The entire rebuilt, transfer and administrative issues have been taken care of over the last few days, and I hope you’ll enjoy this new version. There are novelties in almost every section, especially in the “Illustration” area, so feel free to check them out if you’re curious ; )

    Among the news, I am excited to present my 4 Seasons Tea Collection. Since I love tea and always wanted to draw some motives with the four seasons,  I decided to combine both. For collectors, the original illustration of each motive is available in my shop. Overall, I worked with markers and ink and tried to give each season a dominant colour and elements reminding of their ambiance – warm autumn leaves, icy frost, bright spring flowers, and sunny summer days. And you – what do you associate with seasons, and which one is your favourite?

    Though the shop is not totally updated yet, you can already place orders. It now offers more options than my previous one, for instance with the possibilities of paying without credit card with Paypal or bank transfer (and many other nice features I’m currently exploring, such as automated gift vouchers – now that’s some good news for you, isn’t it?). The products will be gradually added and as stated before, a complete French version will also be created – I have just fallen behind with other projects since taking care of this new website’s organization took so much time, so I need to work on those first. But promised, within a month, everything should be in place, and in the meanwhile, there will be weekly blog updates as it used to be!

    If you have suggestions to improve the website, to make it more agreeable, or if you just wish to tell me what you think about this new version so far, I’d love to hear from you ♥