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    Summerakademie 2018

    The Summerakademie ended last week with a final exhibition and I’ve had the pleasure to animate two workshops every day over those two weeks! The students were so sweet and I think their work deserves to be shown around, so give them some applause ; )

    My students from the afternoon session, posing in front of their work.

    My goal for those two weeks was to help young people discover the basics of manga drawing, and develop their artistic skills. The first week was focused on the basics – anatomy, proportions, perspective, character-design. In the second half, my students worked on their own manga page. It was the very first time for most of them – some of them enjoyed it, other ones didn’t expect it to be so much work, but in the end, I think everyone was proud of the outcome!

    Basics during he first week – faces, anatomy and perspective.

    Manga pages and character-designs of the heroes.

    Final exhibition, with an entire wall for the Manga-Workshops.
    Look at how motivated and hard-working the students were!

    Both groups were more quiet and probably shy at the beginning, but they opened up as the days went by and eventually ended up being very merry and cheerful, so that the lessons always ended with a good atmosphere. Before class and during breaks, they loved sharing their thoughts on the blackboard, as you can see below – now, that’s art, isn’t it?:D

    Student’s collective masterpiece on the blackboard.

    As always, the final exhibition allowed to discover the work of the other groups. There were once again beautiful artwork in various fields, such as nude drawing, sculpture, paintings, … For the most exotic classes, there was even a perfume atelier, and a sewing workshop, with the group wearing their own creations during the exhibition!

    Creations by other workshop participants at the Summerakademie.


    Do you want to learn how to draw manga?

    If you are looking for an opportunity to learn how to draw manga, I would be pleased to guide you! Upcoming workshops are already planned. Of course, I remain open to any proposition or suggestions – please feel free to contact me for any inquiry : D

    Manga Workshop @Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser

    In collaboration with Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser (Leudelange, LU), new workshops are planned for the Fall Trimester (October-December), for 2h each Saturday! Beginners can take on the first course, while the students who attended one of my former workshops can go over to the advanced level with a completely new program. As always, places are limited, so be quick with your inscription : )
    Inscription with Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser

    Private Art Lessons

    As always, I am animating private lessons throughout the entire year. If you wish to enrol, in a group or for one-to-one guidance, feel free to contact me!

    Patreon Online Lessons

    My Patreon Online Lessons are also available anytime, with numerous tutorials and downloads every month, as well as a one-to-one guidance and feedback on your own artwork. You can work whenever and wherever you want, and benefit from online mentoring throughout the entire month!
    Subcription on Patreon.com/SabrinaK


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    Ask Me!

    Thank you so much to everyone for visiting me at this week-end’s Festival International de la BD à Contern! It was an honour to be part of the invited authors among so many talented and impressive artists. I was so happy seeing both my regular visitors as well as new ones, you really made my week-end. I love you all 

    For those who missed the event, please take some time to appreciate those beautiful photos by the Luxembourgish photographer Henri Goergen! If you’re interested in the presented goodies, as always, you can find everything in my Shop – Prints & Goodies section ; )


    Ask Me! Upcoming Q&A Post

    People happen to ask me some questions which might also interest other ones, so I thought about creating a Question & Answers Blog Article next month. If there’s something you’d like to know – art related or personal – I’ll do my best to answer you!

    So, anything to ask? Send me a message or mail! : D


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    BD de Contern & News!

    The Festival de la BD de Contern will take place this week-end – are you excited? Because I totally am, with a big surprise I’ve been working on over the last few months for you: a completely new assortment is awaiting you! All my elder artwork have been removed, to make place for new motives, new goodies, new prints, and even a new booth setup. Let’s have a look at this;)

    Visit the Shop – “Prints & Goodies” Section!


    9 new motives are waiting for you – what would be a convention without our beloved bookmarks? Though I didn’t intend to use them, many of you asked for the Queen series, so some of them are now available – they are limited to 25 copies each and no reprint is planned, so make sure to grab yours this week-end or in the shop;)

    A5 Glossy Prints & Posters

    A dozen of new posters have also been printed, most of them with my 4 Seasons Tea artwork, the Queen series as many of you requested, and some other motives. There will still be a few A5 glossy prints for sale (see motives below), but I will most probably stop offering them on conventions and keep them for Patreon Supporters or Shop exclusivities. Why? I’ve found a much better alternative… let’s jump to the next section!

    A4 High Quality Textured Prints

    While thinking about how I could improve the quality of my prints for you, I tried new prints on A4 textured paper and was stunned myself by the result: it looks completely like an original, with little variation on the colours and texture – due to its grained paper, those prints’ rendering is the best you can get. If you were hesitating to get an original artwork due to its higher price, here’s the almost similar, more affordable alternative. Some of the illustrations are currently only available in this format and will remain like this, allowing you to get your hands on a limited motive!

    For every A4 print purchase, you will also receive a little additional gift print – isn’t that one more reason to fetch one? ; )

    Queen Sticker Sheets

    Yes, the Queens are everywhere 8D I got some problems with the sticker machine I bought a few months ago, and since people appreciated the stickers, I turned them into a proper sticker sheet.

    Tote Bags

    As announced last time, the tote bags are always limited to allow a more unique motives – there are three new ones, Justitia and Autumn Rooibos being limited to around 20 copies. The print is once again injected into the cloth and of washmachine-friendly quality, so that your tote bag can accompany you anywhere!

    The last few “Queen” Tote Bags are still available in my shop, for those who’d like to get one of those.


    Badges were also among the products I didn’t intend to recreate, but as my old stock got raided during my last few events and people asked for more… here we go! You will find 3 different duos in cute packages handmade with love <3 Once again, limited prints with a dozen packages for each series!


    Why so many limited products? I have been attending conventions for almost 4 years now – of course, I have made mistakes and learnt along the way. One of my biggest miscalculations were always that I printed too much. The cost of some “unpopular” products was sometimes high, and I kept a huge stock in my attic without knowing what to do with it. Printing smaller quantities brings along benefits for both me and you – it allows me to test new products without investing too much, and allows you to get more limited and unique items. Let’s face it, isn’t it boring to see the same pieces of artwork over years and years?

    Anyways … other “regular” products are still available as well, such as my manga and recent artbook, as well as handcrafted notebooks and on-the-spot commissions. I have also printed new goodies for the surprise packages, starting with long maxi-bookmarks – along with an original artwork, you will now get only special prints which are not, and will never be, available on my booth. So, whatever you buy, you can be sure that you won’t have twice the same things!

    Most products are now available in my shop’s “Prints & Goodies” Section

    A3 posters are, unfortunately, not available since the shipping fees are almost twice the price of the print itself. But if you’d like to discover everything or if you can’t attend the convention, maybe you’d want to take a look at it, and I hope you’ll enjoy all those news!

    I’m waiting for you this week-end in the sports hall of Contern from 10h-18h!
    See you soon : D




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    Workshops & Events

    Hello sweeties, how are you doing? As of late, I unfortunately lack time to update my website more regularly and have eventually decided to post one article every Wednesday and put quality over quantity with more detailed and interesting contents to keep you updated. For more regular posts, I invite you to follow me on Instagram @sabrinak.art, which I am currently focusing on since it is quick to update.

    Anyways, let’s get started for the weekly news!


    Upcoming Events & Conventions

    First of all, thank you so much to everyone who came at the Luxcon! I had a fantastic week-end and it was so lovely to see old and new faces again, to talk and laugh with you. As always, big thanks to the orga team for this wonderful event, and of course, thanks to all of you for your visit!

    For more photos, you might want to check out Geeks Life Luxembourg or Luxcon’s FB, they both have great photo galeries where you can (re)discover the con, the booths and the fantastic cosplays.

    Next month, I will be at  Inked Geeks’ Free Comic Book Day in Luxembourg, and Metztoori and Le Rayon Vert in France. If you are nearby, make sure to visit! As always, you can find all my upcoming events with all the details in the Events Section. If you would like to recommend other ones or see me at a certain place, please feel free to tell me and I’ll see if I can attend : )

    Manga Workshops

    If you prefer learning how to draw manga rather than visiting conventions, I am pleased to collaborate once again with the public library in Athus, and the CEPA for the Summerakademie!

    CHARADESIGN WORKSHOP at Bibliothèque Hubert Juin, Athus (BE) – 21/04 from 15h30-16h30.

    • During this workshop, you will be able to discover how to create your own manga character. It will focus on character-design and on more psychological aspects to make your characters unique and authentic. The presentation will be followed by a small art lesson where you will be able to apply the theory into practice by creating a portrait, and will be eventually closed by a signing session. To make the presentation more interesting, I will ask of you to participate during the entire process, so I am counting on you to be there with your usual cheerfulness and good ideas ; ) Anyone can participate, and it is entirely free.

    SUMMERAKADEMIE – 30h Workshop, Hollerich (LU) – 16/07-21/07 from 10h-13h or 14h-17.

    • Such as last year, I have the pleasure of being a teacher for the yearly Summerakademie in Luxembourg, an event offering various creative workshops for both children and adults. Seeing as the manga workshop were full last year, I will be animating two instead of one now. The morning session is planned to be for elder participants aged more than 18, while the afternoon course is for teenagers.
    • Such as last year, the workshop will focus on teaching you the basics of manga drawing, leading to the final creation of your own story – below are some of my student’s work from 2017. Having learned from last year and seen what can be achieved within two weeks, I have decided to add some new elements so that the course offers you an even more complete overview of manga drawing. I hope to see you there!

    Inscription with CEPA, places limited to 10 for each group.
    Morning WorkshopAfternoon Workshop