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Memories of the Château d’Urspelt

Discover a unique castle in a unique country in this manga by Yannick Ruth and Sabrina Kaufmann
Visit the Château d’Urspelt

3 Clever Butzen

Story by Henri Losch – An initiation booklet for children to discover Mamer
Commissioned by Leader Lëtzebuerg West

The Bull

A Luxembourgish legend in the town of Vianden
Commissioned by Naturpark Our

De Molbier

Story by Sven Wohl and published by Lilu Verlag
A children’s book about a bear who wants to become an artist.
Buy “De Molbier” online!

De Superjhemp ënnert dem Röntgenbléck

Guest Comic about our national superhero
Commissioned by the Centre National de Littérature – CNL

Kee faërt d’Lilli

Story by Jeff Herr – A children’s book about a cute ghost
Buy “Kee faërt d’Lilli” online!  – RTL Interview about the book