Creative Coaching

So, you’re ready to take the next step with that big, creative project?
You have that important dream inside your heart for a reason,
so let’s get it out into the world!

Are you in this situation right now?

You're tackling an important project you've never done before

You’re committed and want to take your artist career to the next level: publish your manga, sell at your first convention, open an online store, launch a Patreon, be more confident with illustration commissions negotiations, … You KNOW deep down that you want to do this!

But it's new, it's overwhelming, and you're doubting

As exciting as this new venture is – it also scares you! This big project seems overwhelming as you’re a newbie: where to start? Whom to contact? What steps to take? How the heck just get started? When you’re in doubt, noone in your close circle is able to understand or help you.

You want to be supported by someone who's already been there

How nice would it be to have a mentor who understands you! Who’s been there, who can share their experiences and help you take the right steps and shortcuts, while boosting your confidence. Your project is important, and you deserve to be supported ♥ 

You are not alone. I can be that friend right beside you gently pushing you in the right direction, telling you: “You can do it!”

Coaching Students – Success Stories

Results speak louder than words!
Here are 3 coachees I’ve been mentoring, so that you may see what is possible.

Sandra at her first event selling her children’s book.

Nacho developing a website branding for

Inesa’s mascot design for animated videos.

Inesa: Art Projects

Full year weekly coaching sessions: Working on her drawing skills, then collaborating with another coaching student so that Inesa could create his complete website visuals (logo, mascot, site identity) to prepare her for client commissions.

INESA: “Creating the visual identity of the Critica Comunicación website is very useful for me as it is a first professional insight that can help me with the future development of my own website and can be a first approach of how I can work with future clients.”

Nacho: Website & YouTube

Full year weekly coaching / ongoing: Developping a full content strategy for launching a blog, combined with another coachee’s visuals. Currently, we are working on developing an animated YouTube channel about cinema and movies.


Sandra: First book publishing

Full year weekly coaching: Creating a book from start to finish – reworking the story, artwork, character designs, finding a publisher, organizing kids workshops and events to promote the book.

SANDRA: “Having the opportunity to publish my book has allowed me to realise my dream. From contacting the publisher, writing the story to the drawings. It was a unique opportunity for me! It gave me more confidence in myself: “If I want to, in the end I really can” and this would never have been possible without Sabrina who was my guide throughout this adventure.”

What can I do for you?

Due to my personal experiences, I can help you in the following areas:

  • defining your vision, clients & work to get started as an illustrator
  • manga & book selfpublishing
  • artist alley, creating collections & selling art products
  • crowdfunding (short project Kickstarter / long-term Patreon or Ko-Fi)
  • website creation / social media content creation / YouTube channel
  • artist newsletter setup & marketing strategies
  • teaching IRL / creating online courses
  • commissions (negotiations, finding clients, analysing your portfolio, doing mock commissions with me as your client, …)
  • personal branding & image
  • PR, press & media coverage for a specific project launch


Clarity Call / 1h / 120€

A quick win to get back right on track! Are you looking for some feedback on a specific topic, eg. insight into your portfolio, or advice on your artist alley products & pricing?

During a 1h live coaching call, we can discuss your specific pain point, analyse it, and brainstorm ideas together.

As a result, you’ll get a concrete action plan that can be immediately implemented, to bring you closer to your goal!

In-Depth Mentoring / Duration to be defined

Currently closed for applications 🙂

Let’s work


Ready to take your art career to the next level? Feel free to contact me in EN / LU / FR / DE, whichever suits you best:

Please add the following info to your mail:
• Description of your current issue
• What solution do you expect from our call?
• Your time zone + prefered communication (Skype or Discord)
• Link to your website / socials
• Any other info you might find useful

I’ll take the time to properly review your demand and will come back to you within the following 7 working days. Thank you ♥

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