Mascot &Character Design

A mascot helps make your brand more recognizable and unique.
There may be various reasons you want one: helping your audience identify with a character, communicating with a personalized twist without showing yourself, standing out from the crowd with unique visuals.

Ready to bring your communication to the next level with a personalized character that speaks for your business?

Case Study: Alice

  • Project: My ArtBiz Academia – Helping aspiring illustrators make a living with art.
  • Who is the mascot? Alice is an aspiring webcomic artist. While she’s still working in a coffee shop, she plans on taking the leap soon to become a freelance illustrator!
  • Why this design? Alice’s unconventional look reminding of manga immediately repels the wrong and attracts the right audience: we’re clearly not in the classical art field, but talk about manga, webtoons, artist alley and conventions. 

Benefit #1: Recognizable Communication

  • Illustrated Instagram posts & stories templates
  • Created once, reusable forever!
  • Visually appealing & recognizable in people’s feed

Benefit #2: Stand out from the crowd!

  • C.f. Instagram caroussel at your right
  • Convey your messages with humour & originality
  • You are unique & more memorable!

Benefit #3: Storytelling & Identification

  • You don’t want to show yourself as a solopreneur, or you’re a group of people where noone wants to stand out
  • A mascot’s story supports your business and values
  • People identify, feel with and relate to your mascot
  • Example: Alice is young and in her early art stages. The audience can relate and identify to her stories and struggles, learn and grow with her: through newsletters, Insta posts, even slice of life comics about freelance life.

Your mascot visually represents your brand’s personality.
It makes you unique & memorable – you’re not a faceless business anymore.

Ready to take your biz to the next level?

Featured Project: Kitsu

Commissioned by Cité Bibliothèque

The Client talks about our Collaboration:

We were thinking of a way to engage our teenage clientele and make them more interested in coming to the library. Visually, it was important to have a teenage mascot, as a counterpart to our well-established children’s mascot Tuffi, so that our teenage clientele could find the books and other documents that are meant for teenagers. 

We specifically wanted to work together with Sabrina because we wanted our new mascot Kitsu to represent the world of manga and graphic novels, as these types of documents are among the most popular in our library, especially among teens. The partnership between our team and Sabrina was very enjoyable, she listened to all our ideas, both contextual and visual, and the whole process was a great collaboration and we got exactly what we wanted.

Our clients seem to enjoy Kitsu and find the origin story, its name (kitsune = fox) and design very interesting. As Sabrina is well known in the manga scene in Luxembourg, people recognize her name when we tell the story of our mascot.”

Case Study:
Himesama Clothing

  • Project: Himesama Clothing – Alternative & Lolita inspired fashion brand
  • Why two mascots? After starting this brand with graphic designer Loïc Artieri,  we faced a major problem: having no real life models, we relied on flat product visuals or stock photos, which didn’t reflect the feminine lolita or alternative e-girl style we wanted to showcase.
  • Aria & Yuna with their defined styles helped visualize better how to wear our clothes, and suddenly facilitated our whole communication and reinforcing our position as a fashion brand, as we had clear guidelines and styles to rely on.

Benefits: Improved Engagement & Relatability

  • Our audience started interacting more once we introduced our mascots (“My style is like Aria’s / like Yuna’s!”).
  • Instead of photoshootings, we started with illustrated lookbooks: people see a flat photo of our real clothes, and a style idea worn by our mascots
  • Our mascots nicely illustrate our newsletters and social media posts. People immediately recognize the brand without even seeing our name.

Let’s work


Ready to create your own mascot to develop your brand?
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Please include the following info (EN/LU/FR/DE):
• Description of your business + social / website link(s)
• Values & messages you’d like to represent
• Expectations: specific colours? style? character traits?
• Different poses? Website, print merch, what usage?

I’ll take the time to properly review your project and will come back to you within the following 7 working days. Thank you ♥

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