Manga & Book Illustrations

While we often say “don’t judge a book by its cover” – actually, we do!
Every day, new books are added to book store shelves. When visitors walk through a book fair, they often stop by the booths of those who have an impactful cover or beautiful banner.

I’m here to help you bring your stories to life:
Be it with a beautiful cover, interior illustrations, short manga / comics or even character designs and illustrated prints and merch to create a whole universe that will make your fans go crazy!

Manga & Comics

Manga and comics are accessible to any type of public. They’re an amazing medium to easily share stories, provoke emotions, raise thoughts, educate, all while being entertaining.

Illustrating inspiring stories is what got me into this job in the first place, so I’d be delighted to turn your ideas into beautiful visuals!
• Projects up to 20 pages
• Introductory pages for your written novel
• Promotional mini-comics (stories / concepts / education)
• Advertising brochures presenting your business’ story

A luxembourgish legend drawn as a 2-pages comic,
published on the client’s social media on Halloween.

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Château d'Urspelt

A manga broschure showcasing a century of history of an old castle renovated as a luxury hotel in Luxembourg.

Science comics -

Various artists created 2-pages comics with doctoral students to make science easily understandable for anyone.

Superjhemp Guest Comic

A guest page to celebrate our national Superhero in an extensive book full with facts, art and archives.

A Collaborative project by Luxembourgish artists and authors, telling stories throughout the centuries in the Capital.

Illustrated Books

Do you want to add that “special something” to your book? That thing which will differentiate you from other authors, attract more people, and make them dive much deeper into your world than with written word only? Yes, we’re talking about illustrations!

Let’s bring your story to life with unique artwork!
• Fully illustrated children’s books
• Illustrations inside your written novel
• Cover illustrations
• Various illustrations to create a whole universe: banner and posters, bookmarks, postcards, prints, and more!

Featured Project: Cerateran

CERATERAN Novel Series by sci-fi author Claude Peiffer.
Create character-designs for novel illustrations

The Client talks about our Collaboration:

Ever since I started writing novels, I’ve been looking for someone who could draw my characters. After years of searching, I met Sabrina Kaufmann at Luxcon in 2015. It quickly turned into an intensive and satisfying collaboration. So my 4th novel in the Cerateran series could finally come up with successful illustrations of my numerous main and secondary characters. I was very satisfied. And my readers?

My readers were enthusiastic right from the start. They praised Sabrina for her work, recognised her great talent, and every time I met one of my fans, the talk quickly turned to the designs. They fitted my descriptions exactly, which gave the books added value. Readers remembered my characters’ names better because of the visual reference points.

Over the years, our collaboration intensified and both Sabrina’s and my talent continued to develop, much to my delight. We keep it professional, and there were never any misunderstandings, scheduling problems, etc. It is extremely pleasant to work with this uncomplicated woman. Today I am convinced that a Cerateran novel would be missing something significant without Sabrina’s illustrations.”

Let’s work


Do you have a project you’d like to illustrate?
Feel free to contact me at

Please include the following info (EN/LU/FR/DE):
• Description of your project / story summary
• Approximate number of illustrations / manga pages
• Deadline or free timing
• References, inspiration, descriptions, etc: the more info, the better!

I’ll take the time to properly review your project and will come back to you within the following 7 working days. Thank you ♥

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