Let’s bring your projects to life!

Small business owners, authors and content creators – my pencil is at your service to bring a delicate, fashionable and original touch to your projects!

Please find below the services I offer, along with several examples and case studies to inspire you and show you that the only limit is your imagination ♥

Taking your communication to the next level with a personalized character that speaks for your business.

Examples: We can design a single mascot, or add multiple illustrations for your social media, website & co. to make you unique and memorable – people will know it’s you without even seeing your name!

Let’s take your stories to life and develop a visual universe your readers will love to see!

Examples: cover art, interior illustrations, short manga & comics, illustrated prints & book merch, advertising comic brochures. 

Bringing more eyes to your business & sharing your projects through unique visuals.

Examples: Events posters, flyers, social media illustrations, educational art for presentations, guides, printed goodies for special projects, decorative illustrations, and more!

Selection of Personal Artwork

Let’s work


Do you have a project to submit? Please have a look at the requirements on the specific types of projects, and then feel free to contact me in EN / LU / FR / DE, whichever suits you best:
[email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: I DON’T accept private commissions.
Sorry, no single OC fanarts or portraits of your pets, no matter how sweet they may be ; ) However, you are still very welcome to submit your projects even as individuals: I absolutely love and support authors, content creators and emerging projects, and I’m always open to new ideas!

I’ll take the time to properly review your project and will come back to you within the following 7 working days. Thank you ♥