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Online Con – Octopote

As the Covid-19 canceled out all conventions until July, artists relying on those sales decide to team up… to launch an online convention! From 1-3 May 2020.

It’s a first try for all of us – an online convention will be held on Facebook and Discord. Every exhibitor will have an online catalogue, as well as a Discord chat room where visitors can chat and ask questions. To discover the artists, you can already have a look at the catalogues on Facebook, there are so many amazing people out there!

For sales, the easiest thing is to go through my online shop – as always, there’s free shipping for every order! (if you wish to add a tracking +3€). Orders will all be sent out during the week after the convention, with priority letter by Post Luxembourg.

For an easier use of my shop, I have finally found out how to add a personal login area – so for everyone who has already bought something here, you can find a whole list of your personal information, download links, orders, etc – just look at the top right on my website!

Queen of Fauna

I’m also happy to add a new illustration to my shop – Queen of Fauna! It was created a few months ago for the advertising of an exhibition at the Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg (LU). Unfortunately, this event couldn’t take place, but you’ll get at least the illustration, as an A4 Deluxe version – on textured paper as always, so that it looks almost like an original.

Speaking of originals, the “Queen of Fauna” is now available, as well as some other artwork: from my recent colouring book, latest illustrations, Patreon exclusive monthly sketches which aren’t printed anywhere else, so the original is the only way to get them if you like the motives. If you want to have the unique pieces and get it signed, too, you can find lots of different sketches, inkings and drawings for any budget!

Anyways I’m so excited about this opportunity,
and hope you’ll be there, too! 😀

In the meantime…
Visit the shop! 😀

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