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Hello dearies! Last week, one of my Instagram stories about my newly bought sticker machine seemed to interest some of you
– so here’s a little insight about it!


I have been asked several times for stickers during conventions over the last months. After searching several websites to create them, I was faced over and over with the same problems: either the minimum required quantity was far too much, or the prices for lesser quantities was too expensive. Since I love crafting, I decided to look up “sticker machine” on Amazon – and funnily enough, I discovered there were indeed some. So, for a try, I went with the Xyron Create a Sticker machine for around 30€.

Amazon’s delivery was fast as always, and I eventually received my machine along with a 5meter roll to create up to 12cm large stickers. The usage seemed pretty simple – put some piece of paper into the machine, turn the crank, and the paper comes out as a sticker on the other side!

I decided to try my new toy as soon as I got it. First things first, I wanted to figure out if it was best to cut the stickers before putting them in the machine, or afterwards. For this test, I took two illustrations on cardstock paper – twice the same motive, the first already cut out, the second to be cut out afterwards. As the usage notice stated, I put both in, turned, and they came out on the other end. Surprise, they had been folded during their passage through the machine!

I don’t know if it was due to the roll not being well set up for a first try, but I think the machine isn’t suited for thicker paper. As you can see, the ends where the paper was put in have been bent. Secondly, I found out that it is much easier to cut out the stickers before. I cut out the sticker which wasn’t and honestly barely managed to take the illustration off the paper. This shows nevertheless that the glue is very adherent – once it is glued, you won’t be able to take it off.

The next stickers were created rapidly and easily. I printed the new motives on a 120g paper, and cut them out before putting them into the machine. I also discovered there were losses by tearing the paper out of the machine, so I ended up making them in one go.

Once the stickers are out of the machine, I cut each of them individually in a rectangular form with a paper cutter, and here are the finished products!

Now, what can I say about the machine? Overall, I’m satisfied with it.

There are two small negative aspects to consider. The first one is that, even with a thinner paper, it happens that the edges are torn if I don’t place the illustrations correctly into the machine. Thus, you need to be extra careful when manipulating the crank. The second aspect is that sometimes, glue sticks to the edges. One illustration, for instance, started gluing onto my finger when I took it out of the machine because the edges were slightly sticky. Both situations occur every once in a while so that I can’t use those of lesser quality for sale and end up losing paper.

I have yet to see how many stickers I will be able to make with a 5meter roll. So far, I have created a dozen of small (~7cm next to one another) and medium (~10cm on full width) stickers and seem to still have paper left. Refills can also be ordered on Amazon for around 18€.

For the moment, I’m pretty much enjoying my new toy. Having never created stickers before, it allows me to test those products at a smaller scale, to produce whenever I need them without keeping a big stock and to try out any motive I feel like trying. Moreover, the machine is easy to use and allows the creation of neat stickers. I think it is perfect if you use it on a personal level or small scale – afterwards, if I happen to sell those stickers well during conventions, I will most probably switch to another method to produce them in a bigger quantity, but for now, it perfectly suits my needs : )

Are you interested in those stickers? 8 motives are now available in my online shop – you can also find them during upcoming events, such as the Japan Addict Z in Strasbourg (FR) this week-end. Hope to see you there!

Go to the shop to discover the new stickers!


Now, let’s talk about you!
Do you like stickers and customizing your objects with them?
Are there any motives you would like to see?


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