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Hello everyone! Those who are following me on Instagram have already seen that I’m pretty inspired for fashion designs as of late – here are some of my recent designs! For those of you who keep on asking me where I find my ideas, I usually like doodling in a sketchbook and the ideas just come naturally when I start sketching. They are not always good, they often need modifications, but I guess that works the same way for many artists – just start sketching, and the ideas will follow : )

Which dress design do you like most of those three?

I like mixing baroque fashion, costume design and haute couture, and try to use various of those elements, along with concepts and ideas in my designs. Common things I like are flowers, butterflies, jewels, and I like working with themes. From left to right, my themes were “wild” – “butterflies and feminity” – “desert princess”. Other topics I’d like to use in upcoming works are for instance “masquerade” and “matryoshka” – let’s see how they turn out!

To get inspiration, I also like looking up fashion designers from time to time. My top reference is Stella de Libero, who’s designing such wonder wonderful wedding dresses that could come straight out of fairy tales. Another fashion line I appreciate are the wedding dresses worn by Nozomi Sasaki (yes, you got it, I LOVE wedding dresses… hope to wear such a beautiful gown myself one day 8D). Otherwise, I also like lolita brands such as Atelier Pierrot, or generally haute couture gowns. If you’re into high fashion and pretty dresses, I’d recommend to have a look at those references : )

If you are interested in the creative process of my fashion sketches, one of them has been recorded and will be sent out as a 1h real time video to my 5+ Patreon supporters on August 1st! Patreon allows you to get unique content, tutorials and art lessons while supporting my work, thus allowing each of us to mutually help one another and create art together – discover more on !

So, what about you?
Do you like fashion arts?
What are your personal references or designers you look up to?



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