Welcome! I’m Sabrina Kaufmann,

Manga Illustrator & Creative Entrepreneur from Luxembourg.

Making you dream with fashionable fairytale Illustrations & Manga, 
Inspiring illustrators by sharing my artist experiences & knowledge.

Illustration & Manga 

Illustrated Fairytales

Do you like manga & fairytales? IllusFairy is my main project since 2016, retelling classical fairytales with a historical insight to enjoy each story even more. Free webcomic (EN) and book (FR).

Himesama Clothing

A brand for girls who like a touch of lolita & alternative J-fashion. With graphic designer Loïc Artieri, our goal is to create beautiful clothes that make you feel confident, pretty and unique.

Online Shop

Looking for a pretty gift, for yourself or for your loved ones? Manga, Art Prints, Original Illustrations, and other merch, my products are ll unique, feminine and made with 100% love.

Meet me here!

Wanna chat and discover my work IRL?
Here’s where you can find me – the list is regularly updated!

Anime Focal Luxembourg
June 25  June 26

Festival BD Contern
July 16  July 17 

Manga Workshop Summerakademie
July 18  July 29

Modern Doll Fest
August 28

From Art to Business

Manga Workshops & Lessons

Do you want to improve your manga art? I offer you the easiest methods for the fastest results – finetuned with years of practice & thousands of students.

Weekly Freelance Artist Tips

I believe in affordable education for everyone. Every week, you’ll find tips on freelancing, manga publishing, artist alley, etc. to get started as an illustrator.

Art Business Courses

Master a topic with all the best practices! My courses cover useful freelance topics to monetize your art, so you can immediately take action to get your own results.

Join me on Patreon!

As a Patron, you allow me to constantly grow to become a better illustrator and mentor, so I can give back more art, inspiration & education!

You support me as an artist who makes people dream. You  want more IllusFairy chapters, Himesama designs, conventions with new art products, … and I’d be happy to create new projects forever!

You support me as a mentor supporting artists. You allow me to draw and learn, and offer affordable education on YouTube + prelaunch courses before shop sales at the basic pledge so everyone gets a chance at their dreams.

Nothing thrills me more than creating projects while pushing my own limits, and documenting the journey.
Truth is, when I started teaching manga, my biggest motivation to double down on personal art studies was imagining my students’ happiness when they’d discover such easy processes to improve their own art. I hope that by going all in for my own creative dreams, I’ll also inspire others to believe in theirs ♥

So, shall we make art together?

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