Do you like manga & fairytales?

(Re)discover the classical tales from your childhood in manga version!
Each tale follows the original stories, and is accompanied by a small historical or analytical insight to better understand the message and customs back in the days!

About the Manga

Initially started as a free webcomic in 2016, IllusFairy is my most cherished and still ongoing manga project. When I first drew Andersen’s « The Little Match Girl », I’d never imagine what could happen: featured in trending comics on Tapas, lovely readers every week, two book releases and a preorder campaign for 7K€… Readers’ warm feedback makes me so grateful!

So, ready to dive into a world full of magic and enchantment?

Beautiful Cruel Art

I am absolutely fascinated by the beautiful royal worlds, yet cruel morals fairytales tell. While I started this series for the gorgeous princess dresses, my artistic goal shifted over the years: how can I illustrate the most horrible messages in the most beautiful way possible?

Original Tales Analyzed

Inspired by Bettelheim’s « The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales« , each tale I illustrate is followed by a historical / symbolic analysis to better appreciate its concepts. Did you know for instance that Little Red Riding Hood coming out of the wolf’s belly after having been eaten, is an image to explain birth to young children?

Free Webcomic & Book

Ever since childhood, my biggest dream was inspiring and making people dream through my art and stories. Readers’ comments and feedback are my motivation, which is why IllusFairy will always be free online. And for collectionners, the physical manga is available!

FREE WEBCOMIC: Click the summary below to read the free chapters on this website! New pages are added every Monday & Thursday on Tapas so feel free to subscribe and drop some comments to encourage the series ♥

FRENCH MANGA BOOK: Two physical releases have been published in 2019 and 2022, the former being almost out of stock, no reprint. If you want to financially support the series while getting a beautiful book on your shelves, you can buy the manga!

Read Online – Original Webcomic (2016+)

The Little Match Girl

On New Year’s Eve, a poor little girl wanders alone through the streets, trying to sell matches, and discovering magic.


A princess flees from her father who wants to marry her. Kitchen maid over day, she becomes a beautiful princess again at night to go out dancing.

The Story of a Mother

A mother tries to find Death in order to bring her beloved child back to life, no matter the sacrifices she has to make.

The Old Man & his Grandson

A sweet old man living with his family is seen as a burden by them.

The Traveling Companion Pt.1

After the death of his father, John travels the world. Along with his new traveling companion, he discovers the beauties of the world.

The Traveling Companion Pt.2

On their journey, John and his traveling companion stop at a town that is ruled by a beautiful yet ruthless princess, said to execute all her suitors.

Read Online – Classical Fairytales (2019)

FR Manga Release

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Frau Holle

A kind, young girl falls into a well, meets a mysterious woman and learns about the importance of hard work.

King Thrushbeard

A proud princess mocks all her suitors, but her life changes after she encounters “King Thrushbeard”.

The Emperor's New Clothes

An Emperor who loves clothes more than anything, commissions a unique garment only a select few can see.

The Rose Elf

A sweet elf witnesses the tragic love story of a young couple, envied by a jealous brother.

The Pentamerone

Princess Zoza is cursed to only love Prince Taddeo, also cursed into a deep sleep. But when she frees him, a malicious slave takes her rightful place as the bride.

Read Online – Andersen’s Fairytales (2022)

Current online chapters:
The Princess on the Pea / The Tinder Box / The Skinned Lady (restart on Tapas in July)
FR manga will be available in my shop & released at Festival BD Contern on 16+17 July!

Why are the chapters not available yet? New webcomic pages are released on Tapas every Monday & Thursday. Once the Tapas chapter is completed, it will be fully added to this website.

IllusFairy will always remain free, however Patrons & readers who buy the book privileged access to the full chapters, as their support is what allows me to make a living, and thus keep on creating free manga for everyone. If you like this series & want to support it, too: see below! 🥰

FR Manga Release

After an amazing crowdfunding to fund the book, the FR manga will be released in July – keep an eye on the webshop 😉

The Princess on the Pea

WEB ONLY – On a stormy night, a young girl seeks shelter at a King’s castle, pretending to be a real princess.

The Tinder Box

Back from war, a Soldier discovers a treasure guarded by three dogs, which will change his life.

The Skinned Old Lady

Two hideous old sisters deceive their handsome King by pretending to be beautiful young damsels.

The Little Mermaid

A curious young mermaid dreams of becoming human for the love of a handsome Prince she once saved.

The Wild Swans

A courageous young woman sets out to break the curse of her brothers trasnformed into swans.

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Nothing makes me happier than readers’ messages & comments. Feel free to share the series for your friends to enjoy! Also, reading and commenting on Tapas helps the manga get known and slightly monetized through views & ink tipping.

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