Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas time, and that you’ll enjoy your New Year’s Eve with friends, family and all the people you love and who are dear to you! For this last 2018 post, let’s wrap it up with some more Christmassy artwork ♥

You might already have seen them in my shop or during events, seeing as they have been used as postcard motives – but since I never posted them correctly, here are the proper scans! Which one is your favourite?

Bye bye, 2018!

And with this, we’ll conclude 2018 – to me, it was my first complete year working freelance. Now, I’m still struggling and I’m still not able to make a living on my own, and it is often challenging since you never know what will come next, or whether you’ll actually be able to keep this up – clients and projects come and go, unexpected things happen, … Nevertheless, despite the hardships, I’ve loved every moment of it, and your lovely encouragements on conventions, social media, or other encounters kept on motivating me to always surpass myself. So – thank you, you’re amazing!

A big, big thanks also goes to my Patreon supporters who’ve all been there for a good while now. I’ve tried many things, got sidetracked with some projects, had my doubts with others – and they kept on hanging in there, showing me their love and support over all those months. They’re my absolute heroes, so let’s give them some applause!

Elythe, Georges, Sven, Lühk, Thibault, Hoai Thu, Alessia, Cathia, Madeline, Juliette, David, Hélène, Philippe, Ronny – love you all so much!♥

And… what comes next? For now, I am wrapping up some projects, planning ahead new ones and events as well. I’m thrilled to share them with you as time will go by, and I hope you’ll be there to discover them. Once again, thank you so much for your adorable support during 2018, you’re the best!

How was your 2018? Have you achieved your goals?
Do you have any good resolutions for 2019? : D



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