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IllusFairy – Frau Holle

Some of you might remember my manga and webcomic Illustrated Fairytales – a manga version of the Grimms’ and Andersen’s fairytales. Well, after a longer break, IllusFairy is finally resuming, and I’m so thrilled to present you a new chapter and all the last months’ work, in the hopes that you’ll join me again in this adventure!

I am currently illustrating “Frau Holle” by the Brothers Grimm – the story of a young girl who jumps into a well to get her lost reel back, and who is taken in by a mysterious old lady. It’s a pretty known and sweet tale for a change, and I’d love to make you (re)discover it.

IllusFairy – Frau Holle – Read it for free on Tapastic!

Cover illustration

As you may have read on Tapastic, IllusFairy was put on hiatus for several months, especially due to the reason that I was busy trying to make a living as an independent artist, and lacked the time to create decent manga pages. Over time, I managed to create a more effective schedule, and also reflected on the previous chapters. IllusFairy being a project very dear to me, I didn’t want to draw pages “because I had to” while neglecting the quality. I properly took the time to improve my weaknesses and overall technique, and here’s the result – and I hope that my changes in artwork will result in a better reading experience for all of you!

For those who’d like to appreciate the cover illustration more, it is the October 2+ Patreon Download. Current supporters and newcomers will be able to get the real time video, PSD file, Line art & Screentones, HD illustration.

If you wish to support my work while getting special project previews and tutorials, you can become my patron on

First page introducing our adorable protagonist. I love drawing her braids!

Read IllusFairy on Tapastic

If you wish to read IllusFairy, you can do so on Tapastic. It’s entirely free, and starting October, there will be two weekly pages – once every Monday and Thursday! To be notified whenever a new page comes out, I invite you to subscribe to the manga on Tapastic. So… ready to read? : D

IllusFairy – Frau Holle or IllusFairy – Main Menu
Click on either link, depending if you want to resume with the new tale without scrolling through the entire webcoming, or if you are new and wish to discover the different tales from the beginning!


Thank you so much to all those who will join me once again!
And now, tell me… What’s your favourite childhood tale?




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