ILLUSFAIRY – Last days on Ulule!

Only four days left – IllusFairy’s Campaign ends on Thursday 30th April, 22h!
If you wish to participate, make sure to do so before it’s too late : D


Thanks to everyone’s amazing support over this last month, we’ve reached the initial financial goal within 48 hours, got to all the stretch goals, and have even added one more – let’s see how far we can get until tomorrow! If you join, you will not only be able to get the book with an amazing jacket and coloured interior pages, but also a special behind-the-scenes bonus booklet, an original artwork on a shiny shikishi board, and the chance to win one of five original pages for the webcomic bonuses!

A unique artwork on a coloured, glittery shikishi board has been unlocked
for anyone who orders the book package and above, isn’t it pretty?:D

Even though we have reached the initial goal, every support counts! Since so many more people than expected joined the campaign, more books will be printed, and the stretch goal bonuses have made the expenses rise to more or less 2500€. Everything that goes beyond that sum will be kept to pay off my upcoming monthly legal expenses as an independent worker, thus allowing me to fully focus on finishing the book without worrying about finances. Every cent you invest in this campaign will be given back to you somehow – be it through physical products, my time, or all the passion and motivation I’m capable of. Believing in my work is the most precious gift you can offer me, and I’ll make sure to give back to you as much as I can <3

By reaching the 2K stretch goal, every book will be accompanied by a special behind-the-scenes booklet containing all the creative sketches and chara-designs made for this first volume!

WIP of the last chapter’s inking : D


Anyways, let’s do it! Still four little days to go! : D


Thank you so much for believing in this project!

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