Illustrated Fairytales


A manga and free webcomic based on Grimms’ and Andersen’s fairytales, illustrated by Sabrina Kaufmann.

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Do you like fairytales? Illustrated Fairytales is a manga initially started to improve my art skills and allow people to discover the more obscure stories – in webcomic version, to be available for free to everyone. Encouraged by the feature of the first chapter on Tapastic’s “trending comics” and the lovely feedback of my readers, I made IllusFairy my main manga project starting end 2016. After a longer hiatus due to the hardships of becoming an independent artist, IllusFairy resumed with a new art style, new stories, eventually leading to the book release in July 2019.

Moreover, to help you to better understand the issues in each story, you will find an interpretation sheet at the end of each chapter, dealing with each tale’s important issues, based on history, symbolism and psychoanalysis. Did you know for instance that Little Red Riding Hood, coming out of the wolf’s belly after having been eaten, is an image to explain birth to young children? Fairytales are full of surprises, full of fascinating messages, and through this manga, I wish to share those with you!

Illustrated Fairytales – Webcomic chapters only

Illustrated Fairytales – Volume 1


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This manga is updated on a bi-weekly basis on Tapastic – don’t miss any news and subscribe to the news! As soon as a chapter on Tapas is completed, it will be posted in the IllusFairy section of this website. Your feedback and engagement are what motivate me the most to do my best offering you new pages every week! With webcomics, I love the close bond between author and readers. More than all, I wish to keep on sharing those stories with you for free, so if you want to encourage me – just leave a little comment from time to time, it costs nothing and makes me super happy!

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