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By now, you should know how I love integrating yummy food or dresses into my artwork. If the two are possible, combining them both is even better – so here we go for two new illustrations! Inspired by my “Bon Appétit” illustration (the one on my banner here), I loved creating both of them, and I am planning other ones as well.


Pause Café

Though I’m madly in love with my tea, as of late, I started liking coffee as well. I always loved the scent yet found it too bitter, and I recently tried flavoured caramel cappuccino… what, it doesn’t count as real coffee and it’s full of calories? Anyways, here’s the first illustration, as well as a step-by-step so that you can appreciate the process !

Fruits du Verger

Funnily enough, I got my inspiration for this second illustration… while eating a yogurt with peaches and pears. I don’t know, but the packaging had such a lovely colour combination – white, soft yellowish orange, green – that I decided to make an illustration out of this. So,here we go, with a video this time! (if you are wondering, it’s the Luxlait “Fruits du Verger” yogurt, besides having this pretty packaging, it’s also delicious!)

If you are interested in discovering more about the creation of “Fruit du Verger”, it will be available for any 5+ signup during entire October on my Patreon, with a commented step-by-step, material references, and real time video.

Patreon allows you to get unique content, tutorials and art lessons while supporting my work, thus allowing each of us to mutually help one another and create art together! You can learn more on


As stated, other illustrations for that series are planned, and you’ll see them as soon as they are finished.
Otherwise, is there any motive you’d like me to illustrate? I’m always open to new ideas : D



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