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La Boutique Ephémère

A completely new experience for me, my work is being showcased in a shop an entire month, along with some other amazing artists! Let’s head to Neufchâteau to see more about it 😀

About the shop

Well located in the centre of Neufchâteau, Belgium, Neo’s Corner or La Boutique Ephémère is a coworking space and ephemeral store featuring the works of artists and crafters. It changes every month and constantly showcases a wide array of offers, and the shop owner Laurence is just so kind and adorable!

March Exhibition: “Childhood & Teenage Years”

When my artist friend Laura Parisse asked me to exhibit with her for a whole month, I was quite intrigued. It seemed like a fun experience… and here we are! March theme is “Childhood and Teenage Years”. We were already three with Del’Fil, a seamstress I had the chance to meet, and were eventually joined by the artist and crafter Caspalpo. After visiting the shop, we were enchanted by the setting, and decided to give it a go together.

We’re now happy to present our arts and crafts during the whole month at the Boutique!

Caspalpo – Mugs, Pins & Goods

Caspalpo , or Julie, is a Luxembourgish artist and showcases her painted artwork on various media: mugs, stickers, planters, … She’s also the creator of some heartwarming short comics which are showcased as postcards at the shop. As you can see, she loves animals and I’m sure you do, too!

Del’Fil – Retouche et Confection

Del’Fil, or Delphine, is a Belgian seamstress showcasing a whole array of plushies, clothing, cushions, bags, … Everything a baby’s and children’s heart desires will be waiting for you on a huuuge shelf. It’s so impressing to see how she filled the whole thing – and what’s more, everything is handmade and unique edition!

Laura Parisse Illustration

Laura Parisse , a Belgian illustrator, showcases her adorable artwork. Whether you’re interested in a children’s book, want to decorate your home with sweet posters, canvases or watches, or want to offer your offspring a uniquely painted tooth box, Laura’s got you covered!

Sabrina Kaufmann – Manga

If you are here, I guess I don’t need to present myself anymore? 😉 At the shop, you’ll find my Illustrated Fairytales manga, Oh! My Fashionista colouring book, some canvas prints, Victorian Murder Mystery original artwork, and mostly, deluxe art prints.

What are deluxe art prints? Basically, the artwork is printed on textured paper, which gives you the feel of an original, each of them being hand signed at the back. All of the A3 versions even go a step further and are hand enhanced with glitter and golden accents, so that every single one of them becomes a unique piece itself! The Queen series is back and will also be available at upcoming conventions, the next one being the Made in Asia in Brussels next week.

Visit the shop!

La boutique éphèmère
8, rue Franklin Roosevelt
6840 Neufchâteau – Belgium

Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.
9h30-12h30 and 14h-18h

I think I can speak for all of us and say it’s a unique experience. It was quite the rush to prepare a whole month’s stock, but seeing the final setup makes us so happy. We all have our distinct universes, yet we complement each other nicely. We hope that you’ll have the chance to visit the store, and that our arts and crafts will bring you joy <3



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