Private Manga Classes

You want to improve your manga drawings, and be guided by a teacher who can tailor their classes according to your personal needs?

When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming a mangaka, but there was noone to guide me. Being self-taught can be frustrating, it takes time, trials an errors, … so I’d love to put my experience to your service so you can improve faster and better!

How does it work?

While I mostly take students with long-term projects for art coaching (publish a book, go to art school, create products for artist alley, …), I reopened a few limited spots for private manga drawing upon repeated request because I truly believe the right education should be available to everyone. Here are 3 ways I can help you improve your art:

ArtClass – Video Lessons

I have created many videos about how to draw manga characters to share the best methods I’ve learnt. My courses cover the easiest processes, combining years of drawing practice, and the feedback of a thousand students.

  • Who is it for? Students who want to study at their own pace
  • How does it work? Every course contains a video + printable recaps + exercises to get right into practice and immediately improve your drawings
  • How much does it cost? Courses vary from 12.99€ – 35€

Personalized Art Feedback

Do you want personalized feedback, while still working autonomously? This option has been my most popular for years: after subscribing on Patreon, you may send me every month up to 3 pages of sketches, studies, artwork, manga pages, etc – personal work or exercises from my ArtClass lessons. I’ll pick one to correct with a redline (draw over your work) and send you detailed feedback, tips for improvement, and exercises to improve your art.

  • Who is it for? Students who value independence, but want concrete advice
  • How does it work? You send me a monthly mail with your art – I get back to you within the week with art tips
  • How much does it cost? 30€ Monthly subscription, cancel anytime

Individual Private Lessons

1h monthly private lessons with me for fast improvement: We cover the topics of your choice and according to your personal needs. IRL or on Skype, I’ll be 100% there to guide you, point out your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can improve every time. 

  • Who is it for? Students who are serious about improving their art. Min 12 years
  • How does it work? My courses usually alternate between theory & practice for an optimal understanding, however we can also do reviews & corrections of your personal art. 
  • How much does it cost? 65€ Monthly subscription, cancel anytime
  • 5x Limited Places – Reopening in September 2022

Why Patreon?

By subscribing to Patreon, you also receive many other benefits:
• Monthly tutorials & courses at the basic 5€ tier
• Discount rates for all my online courses
• My personal artist experiences: learn & grow as an artist without all the trials and errors
• Artwork surprise packages in your physical mailbox and more!

Ever since my teaching my first class in 2011 (I was 16!), I am truly passionate about education because I know how frustrating it can be to be on your own, and what a difference a good mentor can make. I’ve always loved studying and creating, and then putting everything together into easy, actionable methods, courses, videos, to share!

Seeing students’ joy and pride after improving their art, launching their first art project, just being inspired to follow their dreams, is such a fulfilling experience!

Through Patreon, I am committed to offering affordable education for aspiring manga illustrators. Your support means a lot, as it allows me to keep on experiencing and creating to become a better artist and mentor.

So, shall we make art together? 🙂

What Students say about the Courses

Let’s work


Any questions? Feel free to contact me in EN / LU / FR / DE, whichever suits you best:

I’ll take the time to properly review your question and will come back to you within the following 7 working days. Thank you ♥

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