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Manga Workshops – Spring & Summer 2019

If you are looking for an opportunity to learn how to draw manga, I would be so happy to guide you! Here is an overview of my upcoming workshops. Of course, I remain open to any proposition or suggestions – please feel free to contact me for any inquiry!

Workshop at Ecole Privée Fieldgen

Occasional workshops

MANGA MADE IN LUXEMBOURG @Aalt Stadhaus Differdange

During the Manga Made in Luxembourg week, I will be animating a two-lesson workshop about character-design, where you’ll learn the basics of drawing and creating characters, in order to eventually create a hero for the Aalt Stadhaus Library! Please enroll by contacting Aalt Stadhaus at (+352) 58 77 1 -1921. Workshops take place on Saturday 20/04 from 14h-15h30 and Thursday 25/04 from 15h30-17h30.

Seasonal workshops

MANGA @Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser
Inscription here

In collaboration with Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser (Leudelange, LU), new workshops are planned for the Spring Trimester (April-July), for 2h each Saturday! Beginners can take on the first course, while the students who attended one of my former workshops can go over to the advanced level with a completely new program. Limited places – please be quick if you wish to enroll!

This trimester offers you 10x2h lessons with defined lessons and a specific program. To allow the students to advance together on an equal level, please be aware that newcomers will not be allowed throughout the entire trimester.

MANGA @Summerakademie by CEPA
Inscription – Basic Workshop
Inscription – Advanced Workshop

From July 15th-26th, you can be part of a 30h creative summer camp in Luxembourg-City! The basic workshop will allow you to learn the basics of drawing manga, character-design and more, leading to the final creation of your own story. As for the advanced workshop, anyone who has already participated in one of my former summer camps is welcome to discover a completely new program where we’ll go into further detail to boost your artwork and skills. As it is the case every year, an exhibition of your artwork will take place during the last day, among with many other talented artists, sculptors and crafters. Limited places – please be quick if you wish to enroll!

Summerakademie – Former student’s work

Workshops over the entire year

MANGA @L’Eclat de Verre
Please contact me at

With L’Eclat de Verre (Howald, LU), you can take part in manga workshops twice a month, with 2h lessons usually every second Thursday from 15h30-17h30. There will be a given program; however, the structure is free and topics may vary according to the students needs. Unlike at Steinhäuser’s, the group is planned to be smaller and will thus allow a more in-depth mentoring for everyone. You may start any time throughout the entire school year – no matter your level in comparison to the other students, I will chose specific topics that fit your personal needs and wants to help you develop your skills! Please contact me for pricing, dates, inscription and further info.

MANGA @Clubhaus beim Kiosk Schifflange – START 2ND MAY
Please contact me at

Clubhaus beim Kiosk (Schifflange, LU) offers a unique chance for regular manga workshops as well! For a start, two introduction lessons are planned on Thursdays, 2nd and 16th May from 19h-21h. You will be able to discover the basics of manga drawing and character-design, and be able to create your own characters at the end of the two lessons! Depending on the inscriptions, 2h-lessons will be planned regularly afterwards. Topics may vary according to the needs of the students, with smaller groups allowing an in-depth mentoring for everyone as it is already the case at L’Eclat de Verre. Please contact me for pricing, inscription and further info.

Leaflet drawn by my students at Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser

And if nothing of the above suits you…

For schools, libraries and businesses

If you wish to book me for a few hours or a day, for a special project or simply to offer your students a relaxing drawing time… I’d be happy to send you my catalogue containing various seminars and workshops proposals – or we can see to create a completely new topic for the occasion! Please contact me via the Contact Form or at !

For private lessons

Did you not find anything that suits you? If you wish to suggest another schedule or ask for one-to-one private mentoring, please contact me via the Contact Form or at and I’m sure we’ll find something that suits your needs!

Patreon Online Lessons

My Patreon Online Lessons are also available anytime, with numerous tutorials and downloads every month, as well as a one-to-one guidance and feedback on your own artwork. You can work whenever and wherever you want, and benefit from online mentoring throughout the entire month!
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Thank you so much for your trust, and I’m looking forward to drawing with you!

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