Manga Workshops

Are you a school / association / library / business, looking for a manga workshop because your teenagers won’t stop talking about manga?

With an extensive experience teaching manga in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries since 2011, I’m offering proven methods tested and improved with thousands of students, to get your first manga drawing results within 2h – even for complete beginners!

My Teaching Framework

Theory & Practice

My courses alternate between theory and practice for an optimal learning experience. For each step, students get the necessary explanations and then apply them in their drawing. Every single student gets a personal feedback before going to the next step, to assure a well built artwork at the end.

Quick & Concrete Results

Thanks to thousands of students and year long personal studies to find the easiest drawing methods, I have simplified my explanations to get the best results in the easiest and fastest way. Within 2h, even beginners can graps the important basics to create their very own manga portrait or character .

Personalized Guidance

While you are drawing, I am always by your side to point out your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make real progress, understand the important basics of drawing, and already create from imagination without any reference starting the first few minutes of the lesson.

Popular Formulas

Here are the most popular manga workshops, tested and approved by students!

Manga Portraits & Emotions

Within 2h, the students can learn the basics of drawing manga faces, and enjoy their character creation further with discovering emotions and how to draw various expressions.


Character Design

How to create your own characters? What makes a “good” design, where you immediately recognize the hero, the villain, and all the small details that say so much about a character? This course offers an interactive presentation where we analyse all the different aspects, and students can then create their own hero while learning the basics of manga drawing.


Manga Special for Beginners

This 4h course covers the most important manga basics: how to draw a face and emotions, a full body and put it into basic motion, hands, feet. Your students will have all the necessary tips and tricks to create their own characters from imagination, without any references anymore.

If you wish to receive my full brochure with various formulas, durations, supplies and budget – or suggest a project of your own – please feel free to contact me!

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