Manga & Art Workshops

I have been teaching since 2011, mostly in collaboration with schools and private students, all around Luxembourg and in neighbouring countries, focusing on manga workshops and art lessons. This extensive experience has allowed me to gain knowledge I wish to keep on sharing with other passionate people, by offering public workshops revolving around manga and comics. Whether you are a school, a business, or simply a manga lover, whether you need lessons in real life or virtual assistance – Let’s draw together!

Check out my regularly updated Agenda for current workshops and lessons!

For schools, libraries & businesses

If you wish to book me for a few hours to offer your students a relaxing drawing time, for a special project, for a vacation workshop, a trimester or even a whole school year, … I’d be happy to send you my catalogue containing various seminars and workshops proposals – or we can see to create a completely new topic for the occasion!

For individuals and private lessons

Whether you are simply a manga and art lover, whether you are dead serious about becoming an artist or whether you just want to spend time with other passionate artists – you’re welcome in our regular private group lessons throughout the entire school year! Or, if you wish to suggest another schedule or ask for one-to-one private mentoring, please contact me and we’ll find something that suits your needs for sure!

A special program to make real progress

Thanks to my long experience in manga teaching since 2011, I am constantly improving the quality of my lessons and adding new topics depending on the needs of my students. You will be able to study many topics such as anatomy, emotions, character-design, perspective, techniques with Copic markers, and also work on free topics such as your own stories.

My lessons alternate between theory and practice. While you are drawing, I am always by your side to point out your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make real progress, understand the important basics of drawing, and already create from imagination without any reference starting the first few minutes of the lesson. In an intensive workshop such as the Summerakademie for instance, students are able to create their own manga page after 15 hours only, even if they have never drawn before.

Chara-Design and Manga pages by students – 30h Summerakademie 

Flyer designed by students at Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser

Unique discovery workshops, special events animation and weekly art lessons.

  • CEPA – Summerakademie (LU) / 30h-Workshop July 2017 / 2018 / 2019
  • Ecole Privée Sainte Anne (LU) / Bi-monthly lessons – September 2019 +
  • Commune de Sanem (LU) – A Suivre – Young Talent’s Week – 2019
  • L’Eclat de Verre Howald (LU) / Weekly lessons – September 2018 +
  • Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser (LU) / Weekly lessons – April 2018 +
  • Belle Etoile (LU) – Youth Days Animation – 2018
  • Point Info Jeunes (LU) / Weekly lessons – September 2017 +
  • Commune de Schifflange (LU) – Ferriminera Arts Festival Animation – 2017
  • Commune de Sanem (LU) – Vakanznoomettescher Animation – 2013
  • Dalbe Audun-le-Tiche (FR) / Weekly lessons from November 2011 – July 2013

Thank you for your trust!


Do you have questions? Do you wish to request a workshop brochure? Would you like to submit a project?
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I am looking forward to our collaboration!