New Illustrations

Walfer Bicherdeeg 2018 ended once again and like the last years, I’ve loved every moment of it – be it with old friends or newcomers, you offered me the opportunity to draw for you, to talk and laugh with you, and I’ll always cherish those memories. Thank you so, so much!

For that event, I teased two new illustrations which could be discovered upon visiting. For those who missed it, here are the proper scans, with a new queen and a new lady from my food series! Both of them will now be available as an A4 Deluxe Print on upcoming conventions, as well as in my online shop. So, what do you think of them? Which one is your favourite?:D

Fruits des Bois & Queen of Darkness

What’s next?

Conventions – For the Belgian people among you, my next stop is already this week-end at Mon’s Livre, 24+25th November from 10h-18h, booth 196 in the “Littératures de l’Imaginaire Corner”, and will be the last big event of the year. I hope to meet you there!

Insta Art Raffle – A new Instagram art raffle will be published shortly, and will allow you to win an original artwork through a special concept – but for the complete conditions, surprise for now! It will be unveiled in an Insta post this Friday, and I hope to count you in! If you’re not on Instagram yet, you can follow me

The year is slowly coming to an end, but I am already planning upcoming projects, some events for next years have already been confirmed… You’ll know about it all in due time;) Until then, thank you so much for always being there, you’re the best!


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