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Octopote – Links & Livestream!

Last details concerning my schedule for Octopote online con, this Friday-Sunday on Facebook & Discord! Here are the links and infos 😀

Convention Discord Server

Artist’s catalogues on Facebook (& according Discord channels)

Instagram Livestream at 13h30

My online shop

When and where can you find me?

I’ll be available all three days starting 11h to chat on my Discord channel. The link will be updated here at that time, as soon as it opens to visitors.

You can find me in Hall Exposants C – Sabrina Kaufmann

Livestream on Instagram!

I’ll be livestreaming all three days starting 13h30, probably for 1h, or more depending on how much interest there is. The livestream will take place , as it’s a platform I feel more comfortable with and lots of you people are already following me there. It’s a first try and I don’t know at all how it’ll go, so I’m very nervous and thrilled at the same time!

During the livestream, you’ll be able to see me draw, and are very welcome to tag along to chat. Except for the stream where I’ll be off Discord, you’ll be able to find me there in my chatroom during the rest of the time.

So, if you’d like to chat, or if you have questions, if I can help you with anything art-related… I’d be so happy to have you!

And if you like our work, show us your appreciation!

And I think I can speak on behalf of all of the artists, we’re all really grateful about this amazing opportunity, and are all so thrilled to welcome you. Also, while it might seem a nice way to spend your week-end having fun with creators and other manga / anime fans, please remember that this is also a convention and that you can buy our products online.

The initial motivation to create this e-convention was to help artists who are making a living with their art and getting no income whatsoever because of the corona virus. Most events were canceled starting March and some cancellations go up to September up to now, so this week-end might be our only chance to somehow “make up” for six months of lost income.

So, if you like one artist’s work, if you’re happy to chat with them, and if you want to see us create more and be there for you, please show us that you appreciate our work – even the tiniest purchase can have an impact on our lives, help us pay our bills, feed our families, and reduce a huge stock of goodies we produced with all our heart and soul and which are now gathering dust for an uncertain time.

Thank you so much, and see you this week-end

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