Online Art Lessons


Why online art lessons?
When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming a mangaka, but there was noone to guide me. Being self-taught can sometimes be frustrating, and seeing as there are more and more young people looking up to their favourite anime and manga who want to draw, I created a first project, unique in Luxembourg: manga online lessons, with individual follow-up for each student.

​After one year of positive feedback, I developed my online teaching activity by launching general tutorials via my Patreon page. More than all, I wish to offer didactical and helpful contents at an affordable rate with this system. Those tutorials are covering various topics – while being less in depth than my actual lessons, they nevertheless offer detailed insights into various projects.

My online lessons and tutorials are basically created for anyone who loves drawing – manga in particular – and wants to improve their skills or be guided by a mentor. There are various topics to help you – whether you are simply a beginner or more advanced, you are free to start with any topic you’d like !



By subscribing on, you can receive exclusive downloads every month, presenting insights into projects covering a variety of topics, to give you a deeper understanding of how I work and to help you with your own art. For a broader audience, every download is available in both English and French. You are free to start and stop at any time,​ with monthly packages prepared according to my current projects and to the requests of my supporters.

Common monthly downloads are:

  • ​PDF files with images, comments and tips: behind the scenes for given projects, insight on material and techniques, etc.
  • uncommented files such as private sketchbooks, step-by-steps of a current illustration or manga page, HQ images to analyse
  • “PatreonBlog” documents – files about freelance life and art-related topics in general
  • real time videos, sometimes commented and / or accompanied by a PDF for additional information
  • online lessons on various topics with video, PDF and exercises

Other available advantages:

  • ​request previous downloads or art lessons of your choice, available in a special Patreon rewards library
  • submit your artwork and get a personalized correction with redlines (draw over your work) and feedback to improve faster



How to sign up?
I invite you to go over to my Patreon page, where you will find a detailed column of the various perks you can get, most interesting downloads being in a price section of 2-10$ monthly. All downloads will be sent out to your mailbox at the beginning of each month, while all physical rewards will be delivered to your postal address. If you have specific rewards, or if you have the right to corrected artwork, you can submit your request anytime – and if you just want to try Patreon out once, you are perfectly free to do so!



Do you still have questions? ​Please e-mail me at or use the contact form!

Let’s create art together!