Patreon – March 2020

Patreon March rewards have just been sent out and there are again some amazing news for this month, starting with thematic surprise packages as the highlight! Otherwise, the usual stuff, many new insights in the newsletter, a booklet about commissioning, everything done with lots of love <3

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March rewards, available for subscriptions the entire month

2+ Creative perks & Insight

On the creative side, and for as little as 2$ per month, you can get those three amazing perks:

As usual, the monthly newsletter details everything I’ve done over the past month. And by everything, I really mean it – with over 30 pages of details, artwork, sketches, freelance struggles and projects I tackle, you can follow my art journey and learn along the way!

Illustrated Fairytales being still my main project (even though it gets regularly postponed because of too much client work), you’ll get the ebook of a whole new chapter, Andersen’s “The Princess and the Pea” I drew a few months ago. It’s an unfinished, only lined version and will not be published elsewhere in that format, so here’s your chance to grab the ebook.

I also managed to squeeze in a new illustration which was urgently needed for the invitations of my very first solo exhibition at the Parc Merveilleux next month, doesn’t that sound amazing?! Patreon supporters already know about every details and got the HD file of the artwork. As for you, you’ll get to know more in April 🙂

WIDE Project – Sketches and insights about client work

5+ WIDE Commission

The 5+ tier always offers a detailed insight into a specific project, or a tutorial to help you learn and discover my process along the way. This month, we’ve got a whole documentation of a recent commission for Women in Digital Empowerment (WIDE), and in collaboration with Ministère de l’égalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes (MEGA).

I’ve had the chance to illustrate a magazine page, with 9 women in digital jobs. It’s been a challenge and a new opportunity at the same time, and while I haven’t seen the magazine yet, both WIDE and MEGA have already posted previews on their social media.

The Patreon file (31p) gives you an in-depth explanation on how the project was tackled, what the requirements were, how the various characters were designed, along with every single sketch and finished illustration. There were also quite a few useful things I learnt despite being used to commissions by now which I share in this file – I guess every single project is a new thing, clients all have their own ideas, and it’s up to us artists to see how we can manage it at best 🙂

Patreon March Package – Correspondances

10+ & 30+ Collector’s Package

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a handwritten letter with lots of surprises in our letter boxes instead of only advertising and bills? With the Collector’s Package, I want you to feel as if it were Christmas every month – c’mon, we all love gifts 😀

I’m so thrilled to introduce thematic packages, with March Theme “Correspondances”. Every month, you’ll get a bunch of amazing perks, sometimes a foretaste of upcoming products which will be limited and released long after on conventions, exclusive goods for Patrons only, and a special signed art print with an illustration matching the current theme, which will never ever be sold anywhere else.

March – “Correspondances” Package contains:

  • Correspondances – x3 Postcard set & envelopes
  • A5 Letter Paper – x10 sheets
  • A6 Notepad – x50 sheets
  • Handsigned Correspondaces sketch print
  • Handwritten note
  • Pen

I’ve been working late night shifts to finish the 3 Correspondances illustrations so that they would arrive in time, and am quite pleased with the result – I’ve finally found a printer with beautiful pearl paper, so that you can either use the series as postcards or collector prints. And to make things even more Christmasy… everything arrives in a beautiful gift wrap to make the experience unique <3

Aand to make more people happy… all 10+ supporters can receive a Collector Package once every trimester (March, June, September, December) for every three months they pledge!

Correspondances Postcard set – For now only available through Patreon.
Limited editions at the Made in Asia Brussels (13-15 march)

Join us – You can make a difference on Patreon!

If you want to support my artwork while getting amazing perks in return, Patreon is the place to be! Being a freelancer, commissions and workshops take all of my time, which results in personal projects being constantly postponed as they are unpaid. People are regularly asking for new illustrations, for new IllusFairy pages. I’d love to share more of them, and keep it up for free on the Internet as I’ve always done. Being constantly drowned with freelance work made me focus on survival and money, and I lost sight of what was the most important thing to me: dreaming and making people dream.

With your help, I can free more time for the creative projects that matter to you and me.
More than anything, I want to create for you, and with you – will you be a part of my art journey ? 😀


Let’s make art together – claim these perks until March 31st!




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