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Why Patreon?

Patreon is basically a membership platform where anyone can pledge the amount of their choice, in exchange for several benefits like insights into my every day work, art projects, tutorials, lessons or even one-to-one guidance.

As a freelance artist, your support on Patreon allows me to achieve a certain financial stability while being able to work on artistic projects and give back to you as much as I can – knowledge and experience, artwork and dreams. More than a mere artist-patron platform between strangers, I wish to make my Patreon a place for mutual exchange and motivation where we can create art together!

And, as a bonus, to adapt to my multilingual audience, every single download is available in both French and English!


Artwork step-by-step, which usually comes along with a real time video,
material references and comments on the creative process

What benefits does Patreon offer?

As stated before, Patreon allows you to get various downloads, tutorials and an insight into my work as a freelancer. Depending on your profile, you can choose between two types of rewards:

  • If you just want to show your support, you might be interested in the downloads as exclusive insights into my creative thoughts, and appreciate exclusive collector’s goodies.
  • If you are an artist, you might see the downloads as tutorials and inspiration helping you in your own work, while benefiting from personalized guidance through one-to-one feedback.


Insight into a sketchbook PDF with personal studies, references and tips.

How to use Patreon?

In the column at your right on my Patreon page, select the tier that suits you best. The first time, you will be immediately charged and receive the rewards of the current month asap. Afterwards, you will be automatically charged within the 3 first days of each month, and receive all content in both EN+FR via e-mail or postal mail soon after. You may subscribe and unsubscribe any time, so no worries – you’re free to choose whatever suits you best ; )





I’d be delighted to welcome you as a new member of my Patreon squad. Through supporting my work, you are also supporting other people who, like you and me, want to draw and dream. THANK YOU! ♥