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What is Patreon?

If you wish to support my artwork and get special rewards in return, Patreon gives you the opportunity to unlock various exclusive perks by making a monthly donation, for the amount and time of your choice. Being self-employed with monthly legal art expenses to pay, I need a certain financial stability to make a more or less decent living, and I won’t deny that your pledge can indeed make a difference. I need to work to make money, and I chose to work on projects allowing me to give back as much as I can to all those who believe in me.

​More than a mere artist-patron platform between strangers, I wish to make my Patreon a place for human interaction, exchange and mutual motivation, keeping on creating alluring projects that will put a smile on your lips, and encouraging you in your own artistic journey with special projects, guidance, benefits and all my enthusiasm ♥



What beneficts does Patreon offer?

My Patreon rewards focus on offering you the experience and knowledge I have acquired over time. The younger self-taught me has always wished for a mentor from whom seek advice and guidance – thus, teaching has become really important to me. While I love creating and animating lessons, it also benefits my pupils by offering them a solid knowledge, and allows us to keep on creating art with motivation and passion together.

​Thus, every month, I offer you downloads covering specific topics in form of PDFs and videos, ranging from thought processes of projects, resources, tutorials and useful tips, mistakes to avoid, etc – all in both English and French to adapt to my multilingual audience.

  • If you just want to show your support, you might be interested in the downloads as exclusive insights into my creative thoughts. You can also set aside the tutoring part in the higher tiers and receive collector’s rewards instead, such as original artwork, gift vouchers and limited edition prints.
  • If you are an artist, you might see the downloads as tutorials, inspiration and motivation helping you in your own work. To go further, I am also here to help you with personalized mentoring and guidance through one-to-one feedback, online lessons and assignments.


How to use Patreon?

On my Patreon page, select the tier that suits you best. The first time, you will be immediately charged and receive the rewards of the current month within the next few days.

Afterwards, you will be automatically billed within the 3 first days of each month. During that period, all downloads will be sent out to your mailbox, while all physical rewards will be delivered to your postal address. If you can choose specific rewards (eg. goodie selection, previous downloads or art lessons), please message me anytime to claim them 🙂



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