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After three years of freelancing, I realized I had lost sight of what was the most important thing to me: dreaming and making people dream. Constantly being on the road for workshops and spending evenings for client commissions may have enabled me to secure a decent income, but personal projects were constantly postponed – although those personal illustrations and stories were what my audience was actually expecting from me. So, in 2020, I’ve decided to give up freelance gigs and focus only on projects which matter. I don’t know where this path will take me, I know for sure I’ll lose income, but I feel that’s what I should do.

If you believe in me and want to enable me to do more, you can join my art journey! 

I’m trying lots of things you don’t see publicly, I’m failing a lot, but always learn along the way – and you can learn from it, too. As a Patron, you’ll see all the projects I’m tackling, my struggles, my thoughts, as well as lots of exclusive perks. You’re also experiencing my journey firsthand, and will be a part of my “board of advisors” to make new projects come to life – more than anything, I want to create for you, and with you!

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  • 10+ Trimestrial Collector’s Package
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  • 30+ Monthly Patreon-Exclusive, themed Collector’s Pack

To adapt to my multilingual audience, every single file is sent in EN + FR!

Example of a 5$ tutorial file
A complete insight into a client project, with sketches, brainstorming, methodology

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