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June rewards overview, available for sign-ups during the entire month!

If you, too, would like to get started as an artist, if there are things I can teach you, or if you are simply interested in my work, you might wanna consider supporting me on Patreon, where you can get your hands on exclusive guides, art lessons and tutorials, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at my current projects. I am currently focusing on two types of rewards: the creative ones with artwork, and the instructional ones with guides and lessons.


For those who are more interested in creative perks, you will find the monthly newsletter, and a Patreon-exclusive illustration. It is available in two versions, a screentoned one, and a free-to-colour line art. Another illustration is available as a real time video along with a guide which offers you a commented insight into the creative process as well as the material references in the exact order as they have been used for each step. You can see it as an explanation on how I work on illustrations, or as a guide to help you with your colorations using Copic Markers.

I have also created reference files for male character-designs. Students who start out drawing often ask me for references concerning hair and clothes, since they don’t necessary have the ideas for varied designs. The folder contains over 90 references that are free to use for your own characters.

ArtClass – Drawing Hands

A new art lesson has been added to the current database and is focusing on Drawing Hands. It replaced my elder French-only lesson on the same topic and is now available with new illustrations, better audio quality, new explanations tips, as well as reference sheets. Since hands are always a tricky part to draw, three different methods are presented. I have tried each of them with my students in real life and they usually appreciated either one of those – hopefully, they will help you master drawing hands as well!

As always, you have a video, PDF print-out and exercises to go further and test your knowledge. As always, the lessons are perfectly bilingual in EN/FR to help a broader audience, and the English versions are translated by native speakers.

ArtJourney – Shades & Lights

I have the pleasure of introducing a new reward to the 10+ tier: ArtJourney files! What are those about? Basically, it will be a monthly series of complete sketchbooks with annotations, ideas, exercises, used resources and inspiration. Each file gives you a tour through my private sketchbooks and personal research on specific topics, on how to improve in various areas. Each month will focus on a specific topic, starting with Shades & Lights – to improve, I think that it is best to stay focused on one topic until you master it, rather than constantly switching between topics you won’t understand correctly if you don’t take the necessary time for it : )

Over the last months, people requested more behind-the-scenes work. I am used to focus mostly on illustration, but as a matter of fact, studies are also an important part of the artistic process. I am striving to create always better pieces of artwork for you and to get to that point, I keep on studying and sketching. When creating art lessons, I am also used to trying out all the exercises I give to my students; it allows me to be sure I have mastered the concepts I am teaching and helps me revise them for my own art. In those files, you will be able to see all my personal sketches – the better and the worst ones along with various notes and exercises you can try yourself. On the contrary to my illustrations, the sketches will be far less glamourous – but I think they will be a good insight about how to evolve as an artist, and I hope they will help you understand concepts to use for your own artistic journey!

Tutorials and art lessons are also available in my online shop. You may purchase them directly there if you wish to give it a first try without subscribing to Patreon.

Join my journey!

You can join Patreon and unsubscribe at any time. Your subscription also allows you to claim other perks, such as previous rewards, corrections and one-to-one guidance to improve your art, surprise packages, etc. The setup page is in English, but promised, every single reward is bilingual in both FR/EN : )

Let’s help each other and create art together!


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