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September rewards overview, available for sign-ups during the entire month!
– Sent out on September 1st  –

If you, too, would like to get started as an artist, if there are things I can teach you, or if you are simply interested in my work, you might wanna consider supporting me on Patreon, where you can get your hands on exclusive guides, art lessons and tutorials, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at my current projects. I am currently focusing on two types of rewards: the creative ones with artwork, and the instructional ones with guides and lessons.


For those who are more interested in creative perks, you will find the monthly newsletter filled with new projects and artwork for the upcoming con season.”Christmas Star” is a recent illustration I prepared for upcoming Christmas cards (and believe me, it was reaaally difficult to think of snow and winter with the hot weather we got this month) and you will get the entire inking and colouring process in a real time video.

As always, a monthly illustration is available for in-depth studying – you’ll have “Queen of Time” with a commented guide and the material references in the exact order as they have been used for each step, as well as both a 1h30 real time video and 9min time lapse version. You can see it as an explanation on how I work on illustrations, or as a guide to help you with your colorations using Copic Markers.

“Oh! My Dress” is a project I have been sharing with my Patreon supporters over the last few months. You might remember the fashion designs I regularly post on Instagram – well, I’m pleased to say that they are part of a special project which will be unveiled next week! It’s currently being printed and I’m thrilled to share it with you! Do you have an idea of what it could be? ; )

Anyways, the project being completed, a sketchbook is now available for my patrons. It contains finished illustrations, as well as research sketches, with around 40 fashion designs. If you are interested in seeing the creation of a fashion illustration, you will still receive the August rewards for any signup before the 31st, which contain a real time video footage of a dress.

ArtClass & ArtJourney – Balance and Dynamism

Initially, I had created a lesson focused on character creation, but changed my mind over the last few days to focus on balance and dynamism. Seeing my students’ latest pieces of work, those topics seemed more interesting to improve their drawings, so here we go! The lesson being created on such short notice, my translator didn’t have the chance to translate it yet, so there it is currently French-only, and the English version will follow soon. But, as always, the contents remain the same: video, PDF print-out, exercises to go further and test your knowledge.

Balance is very basic yet important to master as an aspiring artist. The human body balances itself out in real life and we don’t think about how to move – yet I have noticed that drawing properly balanced characters is among the most common things my pupils usually don’t get right. Dynamism, on the other hand, allows to draw characters moving in a fluent, expressive way, while being seemingly animated by a “line of action”, a force that stretches them from head to toe. Both concepts are complementary, and I hope to bring them closer to you with that lesson, and allow you to take your character drawings to the next step!

For this month, my ArtJourney sketchbook is integrated into the ArtClass, seeing as it deals with the same topics. I thought that dynamism might be less easy to grasp in the beginning, so I have included all my sketches back when I was learning and trying to master that topic. Each character is drawn with the action line alongside, so that you can distinguish how they move and where the dynamic comes from.

By the way, fun fact of the day, I was actually motivated to study dynamism after seeing the anime Yuri on Ice – so, here’s one of the rare times you’ll see me draw fanarts, with a little tribute to Yurio whose ice skating got the fangirl out of me. Really, just have a look at the beautifully animated Welcome to the Madness :’D More seriously, I recommend this anime if you’d like to get a better grasp of what dynamism “feels” like – a body that moves perfectly, with fluid movements. Though, if you’re not into ice skating and more into volleyball, I recently watched Haikyuu, where they also have great examples of dynamism. The best example which quickly sums it up is, in my eyes, the Haikyuu – Season 2 – Opening 2.


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