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November rewards overview, available for sign-ups during the entire month!

If you, too, would like to get started as an artist, if there are things I can teach you, or if you are simply interested in my work, you might wanna consider supporting me on Patreon, where you can get your hands on exclusive guides, art lessons and tutorials, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at my current projects. I am currently focusing on two types of rewards: the creative ones with artwork, and the instructional ones with guides and lessons.

Patreon Newsfeed & Downloads

More news are available to my Patreon supporters via the Patreon newsfeed! I’m trying to offer more work-in-progress and project news through the Patreon feed. Current Patreon supporters have immediate access to it as well as a notification to their mailbox – if you wish to discover the news as well, the feed unlocks for every new supporter!

This month, there are no finished illustration video processes. On a personal level, October has been focused mostly on finishing IllusFairy’s “Frau Holle” chapter, as well as sketching and studying. Besides, commissions and workshops have been taking up an important amount of time as well – this month has been kinda stressful, but very rewarding. I feel that I have learned a lot this month, and I am grateful to have been able to work on such interesting projects. To make up for the lack of finished artwork, all November Patrons will get a whole bunch of commission insight and sketches though, in the hopes that they will help and motivate them for their own work as well !


IllusFairy – Manga

I’m quite happy to have eventually found time in my schedule again to resume working decently on IllusFairy – and as promised last month to my Patreon supporters, the chapter “Frau Holle” has been completed and sent out as a full ebook in both En + FR !

Besides the ebook, a step-by-step progress of the double-page below is also available to appreciate the creation of a manga page, as well as previews and sketches for the upcoming chapter.

If you’d like to (re)discover classical fairytales in manga version, you can also read it for free on Tapastic. Though Patreon offers an early release and access into all personal sketches and research, IllusFairy will always remain a free to read manga with two updates a week, so enjoy ; )

IllusFairy – Frau Holle – Read on Tapastic!


ArtClass – Body Types

Usually, people tend to stick with a specific, ideal body type. Nevertheless, especially when creating stories with various characters interacting, it is pretty useful to be able to draw a variety of characters – starting with different body types to immediately create a difference. To get familiar with how to change bodies, we’ll analyze in detail how to draw three different characters: a beanstalk, a couch potato, and a bodybuilder.

In this art lesson, you will get:
– real time & voice-over video
– case study with 3 different body types
– PDF with recap, pictures and exercises
– individual feedback and mentoring for the Student Tier

ArtJourney Special

ArtJourney files are my response to people asking for more behind-the-scenes work and are a monthly series of sketchbooks with annotations, ideas, exercises, used resources and inspiration. Each file gives you a tour through my private sketchbooks and personal research on specific topics. On the contrary to my illustrations, the sketches will be far less glamourous – but I think they will be a good insight about how to evolve as an artist, and I hope they will help you understand concepts to use for your own artistic journey!

Part 1 – Nude Sketchbook

49p. PDF with all sketches of October and comments for each session.

Looking for new challenges, I have enrolled in classes with nude models. Though I didn’t know what to expect, it proved to be very interesting. In that room where a dozen of students were drawing without stopping, I had to face my own weaknesses and limitations, yet seeing the others at work motivated me to keep on drawing and improving. Overall, I think I already learnt a lot. It never occurred to me, but having a living being standing still in front of you really allows to grasp all the subtleties of the human body – to a way greater extent than when you learn with photographs and 2D references.

If you’re looking to improve your artwork, I recommend everyone to try at least once a drawing session with a human model. It doesn’t have to be in class or with nudes at all – simply asking friends or family to stay still for a short while can already be very helpful. Little recommendation between us, the best moment to draw someone is when they’re watching TV, as people usually tend to be concentrated on the screen and thus don’t move that much 😉

Part 2 – Anatomy Sketchbook

29p. PDF with all sketches of October and comments for each session.

Besides nude classes, I have also been working on personal studies. My teacher recommended it was best to have a solid knowledge on human anatomy before starting the lessons, so I’ve been going back to basics and focused on skeletons and muscles. Since it’s a rather difficult topic, I have been combining many books and resources to develop an easier method to learn human anatomy. There are still things I’d like to master and body parts I haven’t perfectly been able to grasp yet, so I’ll keep on studying on a personal level and during the upcoming nude sessions this month.

Generally speaking, I don’t think there will be much new artwork until the end of the year, as well as no ArtClass for December, seeing as I prefer focusing on studies to offer you improved content afterwards. Despite that, I am keeping many ideas for illustrations in mind, and I’ll resume ArtClasses with a special series on anatomy afterwards – I hope that you’ll enjoy, and that the progress will be visible! Meanwhile, thank you so much for your patience, you’re the best<3


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