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December rewards overview, available for sign-ups during the entire month!

If you, too, would like to get started as an artist, if there are things I can teach you, or if you are simply interested in my work, you might wanna consider supporting me on Patreon, where you can get your hands on exclusive guides, art lessons and tutorials, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at my current projects. I am currently focusing on two types of rewards: the creative ones with artwork, and the instructional ones with guides and lessons.

Patreon Newsfeed & Downloads

More news are available to my Patreon supporters via the Patreon newsfeed! I’m trying to offer more work-in-progress and project news through the Patreon feed. Current Patreon supporters have immediate access to it as well as a notification to their mailbox – if you wish to discover the news as well, the feed unlocks for every new supporter!

As some people requested, I have completely translated my Patreon page in French, along with a FAQ section since the same questions keep coming back, and which will also soon be available in English. You can access the French version below, or find it in the first few lines on my Patreon:
Guide Patreon FR ici!

A special Christmas package has also been sent out to all my current Patreon supporters – if you haven’t received it by the beginning of the second week of December, something must’ve gone totally wrong with the postal office. If that is the case, please notify me asap so I can send you a new one♥


“Fruits des Bois”, which was unveiled at the Walfer Bicherdeeg last month, is our monthly artwork for in-depth studying and comes along with a commented guide, step-by-step photos and the material references in the exact order as they have been used for each step, as well as a 1h real time video. You can see it as an explanation on how I work on illustrations, or as a guide to help you with your colorations using Copic Markers.

Though, I have to admit that I got a problem with the recording. While editing some screenshots with Photoshop, the colours went well, but I didn’t manage to get them right with my video editing program, Filmora Wondershare – does anyone know if there are more in-depth parameters, or do you know a good, free or not too expensive video editing program?


ArtClass – Corrections

I didn’t actually plan on releasing an ArtClass this month, but managed to find the time to create one, which is in my eyes an extension to my former “Beginners’ Mistakes” lesson. The goal here is to focus on analyzing amateur artwork of some of my former students, in order to spot and avoid some of the classical mistakes artists tend to do when starting out.

To illustrate how to proceed, I have recorded an in-depth correction of a former artwork of mine. It illustrates many common mistakes, how to spot them with easy guidelines, and is concluded with a redraw. So, by the way if you’re wondering how I have evolved, here’s a “drawthisagain” with 10 years in between 8D

And, since it’s Christmas soon, my former “Beginners’ Mistakes” ArtClass is also sent along with this lesson. If you missed it or wish to start out with two lessons for this month, you can get it for any signup in December!

In this art lesson, you will get:
– “Corrections” voice-over video lesson
– PDF print-out with recap and pictures
– redraw time lapse + real time video
– 2 sheets with various pictures to analyze
– individual feedback and mentoring for the Student Tier

ArtJourney Special

ArtJourney files are my response to people asking for more behind-the-scenes work and are a monthly series of sketchbooks with annotations, ideas, exercises, used resources and inspiration. Each file gives you a tour through my private sketchbooks and personal research on specific topics. On the contrary to my illustrations, the sketches will be far less glamourous – but I think they will be a good insight about how to evolve as an artist, and I hope they will help you understand concepts to use for your own artistic journey!

Part 1 – Nude Sketchbook

37p. PDF with all sketches of November and comments for each session.

Nude classes have continued this month, so here’s the second part of my sketchbook! This month, we worked with an elder male model who gave me a hard time at the beginning. He wasn’t fat, but had a bigger belly, and had some body parts with flabby skin. In my drawings, he switched from looking too fat, too young, too weird, and I eventually got to understand his body type at the very end of a 3h lesson – but well, it was always funny and challenging. Even if challenges appear in front of you, now matter the area in your life, I think they are useful to help you evolve. Instead of feeling down, try to see the opportunity, and let them help you grow. It may take time and efforts, but in the end, you’ll see the results;)

Part 2 – Anatomy Sketchbook

30p. PDF with all sketches of November and comments for each part.

Besides nude classes, I have also been working on personal studies over the two past months, mostly focusing on anatomy and myology. Though it was sometimes very frustrating, especially since I tried to apply muscles correctly upon the skeleton, I eventually ended up getting a more solid grasp of human anatomy. As you can see below, sometimes I was so tired from studying that I started getting pretty weird thoughts… so, for instance, a random Colossal Titan with an Eren just randomly appeared in my sketchbook while working on back muscles 8D

Anyways, as mentioned last month, ArtClasses will resume in January with a special series on anatomy. I’m doing my best to keep them as simple and useful as possible, and I hope they’ll help you!


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