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Since September, I have been redesigning my Patreon page, taking into consideration what my Patrons liked and wanted. Now I’m so thrilled to present you the news – more exclusive content, different rewards, and even a magazine!

For starters – what’s Patreon again?

Patreon is a monthly subscription service, where you can support your favourite artists and receive exclusive privileges in return. I cherish this platform as it allows me to be close to my amazing Patrons – since we are still a small community, it allows me to know each of them, and create content accordingly. Be it artwork, tutorials, one-to-one guidance, insights into my everyday life as an artist and freelancer, I wish to give back as much as I can to that amazing community that supports me with so much love… and you can be part of it, too!

Patreon January 2020 – Available for signup this entire month

More exclusive content just for you!

After surveying my current Patrons, the focus has been shifted more on artwork and behind-the-scenes content.

Top-secret Newsletter
As always, the newsletter gives you an insight into every single project I tackle. Sometimes it’s released to the public, but most insights remain Patreon-only knowledge;)

Behind-the-scenes insights & tutorials
While the ArtClass online lessons are currently on hold, it allows me to focus on more diversified behind-the-scenes insights (manga & illustration projects, techniques, etc), which can give you a deeper insight into my work process – whether you just wish to see how it all comes to life, or want to re-use it for your own artwork.

Collector’s Art Package
Receive monthly gifts straight to your mailbox. Depending on your interests, it can be artwork, goodies, or even art supplies – you tell me! Every month, I curate products with love just for you, most of them being either totally new and yet to be presented on conventions, or limited Patreon-exclusive and not available anywhere else – I just love sending out gifts that make you happy!

Milestones: Patreon-only illustration
Thanks to milestones, we can unlock amazing news together: the next one is set at 50 Patrons, where a special illustration will be created only for supporters, and won’t be shown anywhere else. Every Patron will receive the HD artwork, and a signed deluxe postcard of that motive will be sent to collector tiers.

Yup, there’s a lot awaiting you – are you, excited, too?

Collector’s Packages are curated every month with love just for you<3

SabrinaK Magazine

As already stated, I love surprising my Patrons with gifts – they’re amazing people and just deserve it! For Christmas, I am always looking for new secret projects, and last year’s one was… a magazine. About art, freelancing and motivation.

For this first version, I put all the love and insight I was able to. It is a special edition about freelancing and explains my evolution as an artist, mistakes I did and lessons I learned, and also presents my Patrons who are mostly in the creative field as well, in the hopes that it motivates and inspires you.

Every new 10+ Patron will receive a physical copy as a welcome gift. For now the project is on hold – but we’ve got some milestones on Patreon! As soon as we hit the 100 supporters, the magazine will be officially launched for my Patrons, with art-related topics and subjects you will be able to choose… and I can’t wait to be there!

SabrinaK Magazine – Available for every 10+ new patron

Join us!

Of course, you can join and unsubscribe anytime, and what’s more, all the rewards are available in both English and French every single month to adapt to my multilingual audience. So why not give it a try? There is surely a tier that suits you, and if not, tell me, I’m always open to new ideas! More than everything, my Patreon is a place of mutual exchange and benefits, where we can be creative and support one another.

Join us now, we’d love to have you and unlock more together:D

Top-secret projects and behind-the-scenes in the monthly newsletter

Let’s create art together!

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