Q&A Session

A while ago, I asked my audience to ask questions, things they would like to know… Without further delay, let’s start the Q&A Session. I hope to satisfy your curiosity, and thank you so much for participating!



Do you draw all day or only when you feel like it?

As much as I love drawing, I don’t draw all day. I often stumble upon people who think that being a freelance artist means drawing all day, but as a small business there are many other aspects to take care of: bookkeeping, administrative tasks such as answering to client mails, organizing events, updating websites, etc.

Statistically speaking, I’m more into computer work in the afternoons, and drawing in the evenings. Since drawing is something that calms me, I like to spend some cosy evenings while colouring illustrations, for example.

What do you think when you see old artwork of yours?

It’s often a weird moment. Back when I drew them, I was often proud of them and thought I did well, but when I see them some years later, I realize that they are completely different from what I remembered. I find it interesting to see how I have evolved, and thinking that I will keep on evolving with every passing year is a huge motivation to keep on going forward!

Do you have your own art studio?

It’s my dream to have an studio but unfortunately, I don’t earn enough to have one and I’m working from home. Nevertheless, it’s my goal to get a nice space I can use for creativity only. I sometimes had photographers and reporters who wanted to visit my “artist studio”, which is a small corner in my bedroom, and it is always a bit awkward to invite strangers there, so I’d love to get a proper, professional space XD

What are your favourite art supplies?

My absolute favourites are definitely Copic markers, I couldn’t do without! For more sketchy work, I also love coloured Pentel Brush Pens.

I want to draw with Copics but don’t have enough money to purchase them all, what should I do? TuT

Honestly, I don’t think that you need the entire range of Copics to create nice illustrations. I started with two sets of around 100 markers, and as time went by, I realized that there were multiple colours I seldom used. For instance, I keep on refilling my beige tones for drawing skin, but I still have some yellows or turquoise left from my first order of about 8 years ago because I rarely use them. I suggest that you have a look at the colours and pick the ones you’re sure that you’ll use; two or three tones per colour would be enough to get a decent first start. A light tone, a middle tone, and a darker tone from the same category will allow you to have a good rendering, without needing to have all the intermediary colours.



Any reading recommendations?

As of late, I love webtoons, Korean webcomic series! Amfong my favourites, there is Light and Shadows, the story of an mysterious maid who marries a duke and vows to change the kingdom with her new position. Another one I love is L’impérieux destin du Dr Elise (I couldn’t find the English or original title… ), telling the story of a great surgeon nowadays who gets to relive her previous life as a hated empress, and who wants to make up for her past mistakes. I’m more in a historical / romantic / drama period right now XD If anyone has any recommendations as well, feel free to share!

Favourite tea?! : D

Argh, that’s a tough question! I prefer lighter teas, so I’m more into green or white, and I like them fruity. Sooo… I’ll go ahead and pick two: Green Paul et Virginie tea by Dammann Frères and white Automne Blanc by Mariage Frères.

Have you ever been to Japan?

No, but it’s one of my life goals. It’s my dream to go there, especially with a biiig empty suitcase, and go shopping until I can’t take it anymore!


Thank you so much for participating!
If you have any questions, of course, you can ask anytime! ; )

See you soon for new updates!

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