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How about reading for those who are staying at home? So happy to announce that Illustrated Fairytales’ webcomic resumes with one update every Monday and Thursday – and there are already 10 other chapters to read entirely for free since the series started back in 2016 😀

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Initially starting out as a webcomic in 2016, Illustrated Fairytales has been my most beloved project so far and is still an ongoing series. After a longer hiatus due to the hardships of becoming an independent artist, IllusFairy resumed with a new art style, new stories, eventually leading to an amazing crowdfunding campaign for the book release in July 2019. It’s my little baby and I feel that the chapters and art style have evolved along with me.

So, what’s it all about? For those who don’t know the series yet, it’s all about fairytales.

People know usually know the Disney version and there are lots of parodies out there, yet the original stories are so interesting! Each chapter presents a specific tale, and comes along with an analysis so that you can even more appreciate the tales – be it from a historical or symbolic point of view. I also love picking up some of the more obscure fairytales, as well as some weird or disturbing ones (The Rose Elf? It’s so cute, you really need to read it). Believe me, the Grimm Brothers have a full collection of horrible events and vengeance stories, Hans Christian Andersen loves making people cry (or maybe it’s me picking the most heart-breaking ones). As for Giambattista Basile, the very first one to write down fairytales which were more suited to mature and courtly audiences back then… we’ll, he mostly talks about sex, revenge and other joyous topics. Just try it, you’ll love it 😀

Soo, if you’re bored during your lockdown due to COVID-19… there are already 10 chapters available, with over 300 pages, all online for free! The current chapter, “The Pentamerone” by Giambattista Basile, is being posted with a new page every Monday and Thursday on Tapastic (EN) and Mangadraft (FR). You’re also very welcome to leave some comments, which encourage me a lot to keep on going. It’s really the amazing feedback of my readers which motivates me to keep on working on those pages, and I wouldn’t have gone so far without them

Illustrated Fairytales Vol.1 – Available in print version (French only)

And the stories continue…

I’m working hard to release the next book for July 2021, again with 5 chapters around 200 pages total. While the COVID-19 made me lose my clients and income, it now allows me to advance on the next IllusFairy chapters. So right now, I’m doing my very best to improve the quality of my pages and create beautiful stories for you. Again, the art style takes a new turn even after all those years – no matter what you do there’s always room to improve and learn. Isn’t that amazing? I’m really looking forward to the next chapters, and I hope you do, too! For now, here’s a preview of a recently finished page, and yes, there’ll be way more details than before. Told you I was trying hard for you 😉

If you like IllusFairy…

The series is entirely free and will always remain so! I’m putting all of my heart and efforts into it, though sometimes, freelance life happens and I can’t work as much on it as it is an unpaid, personal project. So, if you really like the series and wish to support it, and allow me to keep on creating looots of other chapters for you, here are some small things you can do 🙂

  • Become my Patron on Patreon!  – While Patreon allows me to get a stable monthly revenue, you’ll also receive all the updates on the current chapters, character sketches, designs, ideas, … and in general, a complete insight into freelancing, exclusive gifts and much more!
  • Tip some ink on Tapastic! – The app allows you to watch some videos, for which you earn ink – which can then be tipped to creators, and be converted into real money. So you don’t need to pay anything, and small donations combined can make a huge impact afterwards.
  • Buy IllusFairy Vol.1 Online! – If you prefer reading offline or just want to have the manga in your book shelf, it’s available in my online store, and I’d be so happy to sign it for you, too! Please allow up to one week delay for the postage, as we’re supposed to be confined and I only go out once a week for grocery shopping & mail.

Anyways, enjoy the read – and I’d be so happy to read your comments afterwards 

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