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As I recently announced in my agenda, I will be participating in the Anno 1900 Steampunk convention this week-end in Fond-de-Gras, Luxembourg. It’s the first time and I’m so thrilled, seeing as it is such a special event  in a unique setting. I remember when I first went as a visitor and I totally loved to be surrounded by such interesting booths and beautiful costumes.

Of course, I have been working on new artwork to go along with this occasion, and I am pleased to introduce a new product as well: A3 Deluxe Prints. Here we go for an overview!

Please note that the event lasts the entire week-end, but I will be able to attend on Sunday only.



It’s been a while I hadn’t drawn in a big format, and I thought it was time to resume working in A3 with a decent background. This illustration has been inspired by Lyrebirds. Last month, I took a vacation to Frankfurt, where I visited the Senckenberg Museum with its bird exhibition. Seeing so many unique feathers and shapes inspired me to combine them with fashion designs, and here is the first try!

A3 Deluxe Prints

For this unique event, I have been thinking about unique goodies as well, and came up with A3 Deluxe Prints. I wanted to offer you something not everyone will have, with the best possible quality; the prints are thus printed on 300g grained paper, with the rendering close to an original. But for a change, every single print is hand signed and enhanced with glitter, gold or gloss on specific parts, so that each of them has a more unique feel.

The Deluxe Prints motives are also new designs, some of them featuring the Oh!My Dress fashion girls. Some may be available as bookmarks or postcards, but the complete illustration will be limited to this format for collectors.

The Deluxe Prints will be convention goods only. Unfortunately, I can’t put them in the shop, seeing as shipping would be too expensive, and to avoid rolling or damaging the prints in any way. If you are interested in such a high-quality print though, you may want to have a look at my A4 Textured Prints – they’re basically the same, only without the hand-embellishment.


Of course, other artwork and goodies will be awaiting you
– please visit if you have some time, I’d love to see you on Sunday!

Have you already been to Anno 1900 or another Steampunk convention?



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