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Support IllusFairy’s Book Release on Ulule!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last blog post, and I’m thrilled to share that amazing news: Illustrated Fairytales’ book release will finally see the light! French version, around 180 pages, soft touch jacket cover, selective varnish, upgraded artwork. I’ve been working hard on that series to offer you a beautiful print release, and it’s finally coming true – but I need your help to make that project come true!


From April 2nd to 30th, you can support IllusFairy’s crowdfunding campaign on Ulule!

Support an independent manga!

By donating the amount of your choice, you can preorder your copy, add a unique signed drawing to it, get limited art prints, original artwork or even appear as a protagonist in one of the upcoming chapters. Your donations will allow me to finance the printing, to offer you a beautiful and professional book print.

Comic authors in Europe are often working long and hard hours for little results – the book market is harsh, and the pay is often ridiculous for all the work that is involved in the creative process. To me, sharing stories to put a smile on people’s faces has always been and remains my main goal, which is why I love webcomics. This system allows me to draw without the pressure of a publisher and deadlines behind, and most importantly, to be close to my readers whom I cherish so much.

As a logical continuation of that bond with my audience, I chose crowdfunding to make the book come true. I really believe that together, both readers and authors can make amazing projects happen while getting out mutual benefits for each side. I can’t wait for it, and hope you’ll be excited to participate in this journey as well!


Illustrated Fairytales – Cover Illustration & Extracts

About Illustrated Fairytales

IllusFairy started as a free webcomic back in 2016, and is my most cherished project so far. Initially, I wanted to draw beautiful dresses, historical settings, and sharing short stories – since I love the Brothers Grimm’s and Andersen’s fairytales, this seemed to be the perfect project. Motivated by my readers’ adorable feedback, I went with the more obscure stories and decided to push further, with a small analysis on the historical and symbolic background for each story. After a long hiatus due to the hardships of starting out as an independent artist, I resumed the series – and now, the long awaited book release is finally close!

The book will feature the five most recent chapters:

  • Frau Holle
  • King Thrushbeard
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes
  • The Rose Elf
  • The Pentamerone.

The official book release is planned for July 2019 – until then, I’m working hard on finishing the two last tales and all the bonuses:D

Illustrated Fairytales – Chapter Covers

If you are curious and want to discover the first chapters, you can read them online on Tapastic (EN) and Mangadraft (FR). I hope you’ll enjoy your read, and maybe you’ll want to join us on Ulule for that amazing journey. Thank you so much to everyone who will believe in that project!


Let’s join forces to make that project happen together!

Support Illustrated Fairytales – Volume 1 here



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