Supporting aspiring artists in their passion

Ever since my first course back in 2011, I’ve been passionate about teaching, because I know how long and frustrating it can be to figure everything out on your own – and how much of a difference a supportive mentor can make.

Please find below the services I offer, depending on your current needs.
I’m looking forward to working with you!

What situation describes you best?

  • You are an institution: school / library / association / business / public event / in or neighbouring Luxembourg.
  • You are looking for group manga workshops for your teenage students
  • You want a finished product within 2h that the students can proudly show off at the end of the workshop
  • You want to improve your art
  • You can autonomously study on your own and are disciplined to do some homework
  • You want regular feedback & guidance from a mentor who tailors their courses according to your strengths, weaknesses and real needs

  • You’re ready for a bigger project: publish a book, prepare a con, develop your online presence, …
  • You feel lonely & overwhelmed because you’ve never done it before
  • You need someone who believes in you, who’s already been there and can give you real advice to grow

From Art to Business on YouTube

Every week, I share tips for aspiring artists who want to monetize their illustrations: manga publishing, selling at artist alley, working with commission clients, freelance life, and more – often accompanied by practical cheat-sheets in the Artist Library!

If you’re looking to grow on your own, I’m sure you’ll already find many answers!
In EN + FR to make education as accessible as possible ♥

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Please have a look at the requirements on the specific types of teaching for the important info. Feel free to contact me in EN / LU / FR / DE, whichever suits you best:

I’ll take the time to properly review your project and will come back to you within the following 7 working days. Thank you ♥