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New conventions are comic close, and who says new conventions also says new projects! Here’s a little overview, as well as a book collaboration – if you’re nearby and have the opportunity to visit, I’d love to see you : D

Christmas Cards

Christmas goods have started to invade our local stores and supermarkets, so let’s do the same: I have the pleasure of presenting 4 Christmas Cards, which will be presented in two different packages. They’re following me on conventions, and are also available in my online-shop! It’s my personal opinion, but I always find it way more personal to send letter rather than emails – what do you think about it?
For the little anecdote, I actually had a  hard time drawing them. I was planning my Christmas assortment ahead during the summer months, and it was really painful to think about snow and winter during the heat wave we had… but anyways, here they are now!

New Prints

Besides the postcards, you’ll be able to find several other prints featuring my latest illustrations from July on. The most diversified will probably be the bookmarks – otherwise, some of that artwork will also be available as A4 Deluxe Prints or regular posters.

Speaking of posters, I will stop selling them, after giving it a long thought and seeing as people have appreciated the deluxe prints more over the last few cons. There are still some left, so if you’d like to get them, Walfer will probably be one of the last cons to get them.

The new items have been added to the online-shop in the Goodies Section!

Walfer Bicherdeeg Print Giveaway

This year as well, many of you have showed me their adorable support, be it through comments, likes, visits on conventions and events, … I’ve been thinking about a way to thank you, and I have thought of a little game for the Walfer Bicherdeeg. I’ll be presenting two new illustrations which haven’t been posted online yet – Fruits des Bois (left) and Queen of Darkness (right).

An A4 Deluxe Print of either one of those motives (usually priced 15€) will be offered to the two first people who will spot the illustrations on my booth. To participate, you just need to tell me you’ve seen the game by following me either on my website, Facebook or Instagram, and show me the illustrations. So – Walfer Bicherdeeg, Centre Prince Henri this weekend, first come, first serve! ; )

DreamCatcher – Postcards from Luxembourg

You might already have seen them or you’re totally new to them – either way, I’d like to present you DreamCatcher! I got to know it first in form of comics drawn by Andy Genen, which were accompanied by CDs sung by John Rech. After meeting both of them for several years during conventions, they asked me to participate in their latest album, titled “Dreamcatcher – Postcards from Luxembourg”. The concept was to redraw their characters in a Luxembourgish setting in order to add postcards to the album release, and I decided to go with the two youngsters of the story for a shopping trip to Belval.

The comic was eventually presented for the first time on October 25th during a concert co-organized by the Télécran. In total, 13 artists have been collaborating, and the concert was just great – I had never seen the band live, but one could really grasp how much fun they all had while performing. It’s been an honour to be part of this project, and if you don’t know DreamCatcher yet – please support the artists by buying the release or visiting a concert, they put so, so much passion into their work!

Save the dates!

The probably last conventions of the year are around the corner. Christmas Cards, Oh!My Dress Calendar 2019, Books and Prints are awaiting you – so if you have time, I’d love to see you! Besides, you’ll also be able to get the DreamCatcher books signed by Andy and John during the Walfer Bicherdeeg, which is definitely another opportunity not to miss ; )

Walfer Bicherdeeg
November 17+18 from 10h-18h
Centre Prince Henri (I’m in the small room, not in the main halls)

Mons Livre
November 24+25 from 10h-18h
Booth 196 – Section Littératures de l’imaginaire


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