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Welcome to my new website!

Most of you are probably used to seeing another website when typing my domain name – but, surprise, it’s a completely new one! As stated on my previous page, my host was blocked by my internet provider for the third time. Though I got access back to my website account, there were still other features unavailable, and I decided to move to avoid any further problems.

My recent lack of updates on social media is due to the fact that I have been working day and night on this new website (mostly trying to understand what to do because there are sooo many new features). Since I’m starting from scrap, I wanted to make the best out of it and offer you brand new features: a fresher layout with new contents, a more gallery system for illustrations, my webcomic IllusFairy entirely available to read online here, a detailed events agenda with Google Maps, an upgraded shop with new features, … and so much more. Wanting to get an operational website back as soon as possible, there are still pages to be fixed and the entire shop to update, but I’m really excited to share this new version with you!

For those who were used to the bilingual version, a French version will be available soon. Instead of writing bilingual columns next to one another, I am planning on creating two separate versions (you know, the sort of website where you can select your preferred language by yourself in the menu). I figured it would be more agreeable to navigate through, and I am progressively working on the French version, which should be available next month.

Anyways – I hope you’ll enjoy this new website as much as I enjoyed creating it!

See you soon for new updates and with love,

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