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I’m often referring to Patreon and it seems that some are still wondering about the platform… So for once, a little more text explaning why and how it is important, and yes – every support is precious and allows me to create better, with and for you! 😀

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You can make a difference on Patreon!

I’ve been working full-time as a freelancer since 2017 now, and I’m grateful every day to create and inspire people through art and stories, and guide motivated students. I’m also happy to say that I’ve managed to reach a point where I’m able to sustain myself since new work and projects constantly come in… but there’s a but.

Last month, when I drew my first full illustration for 2020, I realized that the last one I had drawn was over three months ago! Similar thing for my manga Illustrated Fairytales where people regularly ask me when a continuation will come out – well, I’ve been working on the very same chapter since September and currently, there are around a dozen finished pages, and some sketched ones.

It came in as quite a shock, seeing as well, I’m supposed to be an illustrator, people on social media and conventions are waiting for my new illustrations and books… but all of this is done in my “free time” as it’s unpaid work until it can be sold as prints (and behold, IllusFairy’s second volume still needs over 150 pages before it can be printed). Right now, most of my time is spent on the road to attend workshops. And when I’m at home, half of the time is spent with commissions, and half of the other time answering clients, doing accountancy, preparing quotes and organizing events. While this allows me to gain a decent income, it takes all my time and energy away from what actually truly mattered to me when I started out: creating. And again, while workshops are fun and commissions allow me to make a living, it’s all work that you as an audience don’t get to see. Really, it’s not that I’m lazy and don’t want to post on social media, it’s just that I don’t have much time to create new content.

And that’s where you can come in – with your help on Patreon, I can regain more control of the creative process and focus on what really matters to you and me: creation. New artwork and stories. Since January for instance, it’s been so crazy between workshops and commissions, often ending up with late work in the evening and on week-ends to prepare lessons, satisfy clients and meet deadlines. I’ve come to a point where it’s starting to become too much and I can’t keep up anymore, so of course personal projects such as illustrations and IllusFairy are totally neglected.

With time, depending on how many people will join in on the Patreon adventure, I’m hoping to be able to stabilize a revenue which will allow me to drop or refuse the one or other gig, thus freeing more time for actual drawing. I thought I could always draw and share so many exciting art projects and stories with you… it might not exactly be the case right now, but it’s possible if we’re doing this together!

Even the smallest contribution helps, and I’d be so honoured to have you as a part of my art journey. Of course, you’ll also get nice rewards for being an amazing supporter – insights into freelancing, current and future projects, tutorials, gift packages, and more, because your awesomeness deserves it! Thank you so much for reading <3

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