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Where manga illustration meets fashion, fairytales… and entrepreneurship!

Hello there! I’m Sabrina Kaufmann, a manga illustrator and creative entrepreneur from Luxembourg. Ever since I published my first book at 14, projects kept happening – more books, commissions, conventions, manga workshops, a fashion brand, and  coaching aspiring artists to help them pursue their passion and monetize their art.

I just love the thrill and freedom of constantly coming up with new ideas, and happily alternate between creative drawing projects, and being a teacher and business woman. Welcome to my world ♥

Sabrina Kaufmann

Current Projects

Illustrated Fairytales

My main manga project since 2016, retelling classical fairytales along with a historical insight to enjoy each story even more. Available as a free webcomic on Tapas (EN) and as a book release in my shop (FR).

Himesama Clothing

A fashion brand for casual lolita and Japan lovers. Partnering with the graphic designer Loïc Artieri, we want to create beautiful clothes that make you feel confident, pretty and unique. Worldwide shipping ♥

From Art to Business

YouTube channel to support aspiring mangaka & illustrators pursue and monetize their passion. Artist experiences, tips, advice and concrete action steps to help you grow every Tuesday, 6pm CEST (EN + FR).

Upcoming Events

This list of conventions, projects and workshops is regularly updated. Click the button below or the title of the event for more info!

Contact Me

Commissions, collaborations, interviews, I’m always open for new opportunities and would love to discuss your project! Feel free to contact me in the language of your choice (LU / EN / FR / DE).

> Commission Status: Waiting list until August 2022
> Manga Workshops: Currently no private manga courses, schools only

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Art & Manga

Looking for a pretty gift, for your loved ones or for yourself? Manga & Comics, Bookmarks, Art Prints and other merch are waiting for you ♥


Do you prefer art that you can wear and use in your everyday life? Himesama Clothing features t-shirts, sweaters, tote bags, mugs and pretty accessories ♥