• Artwork

    Tarot Illustrations


    Hello everyone! As mentioned a while ago on Instagram, I have always found divination cards and esoteric stuff interesting, especially tarot decks for their significations and motives. So, recently, I have decided to pick up some of them for a new series of illustrations mixed with fashion design – and here are the two first motives!

    “The Hanged Man” will be available in my Patreon rewards on July 2nd. All 5+ Supporters will receive two videos of this illustration (9min complete time lapse +1h30 real time video), along with a PDF containing step-by-step photos and the complete used material references. If you wish to receive monthly art lessons, tutorials, behind-the-scene files and exclusive material while supporting my artwork, you might want to subscribe to Patreon : )

    Tarot – A brief introduction

    Tarot cards were initially playing cards in the late 14th century Europe. They started getting used for divination in the late 18th century during the Age of Enlightenment. Overall, various decks have seen the light, with variable illustrations according to the countries they were produced by. Currently, the most used divination tarot deck is the “Tarot de Marseille“, as invented in Paris in the late 18th century, with 78 cards divided into two categories: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

    > There are 22 Major Arcana, which have no direct relation to one another. They mostly represent concepts and allegories: the Sun, the Moon, Justice, the Fool, … Each card has a meaning and can be taken individually. Nevertheless, each card also builds upon the previous one to show a journey to completion.

    > On the other hand, there are 4 suits of Minor Arcana, each containing 14 cards with ten numbers and four court figures. The series are usually wands, cups, pentacles, swords. Though they are more complex to understand than the Major Arcana, they are pretty interesting, seeing as each series represents one aspect of life (wands = life and energy  / cups = relationships and emotions / pentacles = wealth and finances / swords = professional world and actions). Depending on the consultant’s question, more or less cards of each series will show. Combining both Major and Minor Arcana, the results can be diversified and interesting to analyse.

    Tarot readings can be done for open or closed questions – the first being free to your interpretation, the second being a yes/no matter. One can arrange cards while using various Tarot Spread models. The simplest spread starts with 3 cards to represent your past / present / future, others are far more complex and can be used to analyse various aspects of a person’s life within the next months. Some will prefer specific readings for a single area in their life, others will want to have a complete overview.


    Whether you believe in divination or not, getting to know Tarot cards is pretty interesting – there are so many symbols and interpretations which make those cards so complex! Thank you so much for reading this article and see you soon <3

    What do you think of divination and esoteric? Do you believe in it?
    Which motives would you like me to draw next?


  • Diary

    JAZ & Strasbourg Trip



    Hello dearies! As promised last week, here is a diary entry about my trip to Strasbourg for the Japan Addict Z last week. I travelled for 4 days – arrival on Friday and departure on Monday where I could visit the area, and convention during the week-end in between. I love Strasbourg as a city, and the JAZ was a lovely event – I hope you’ll enjoy discovering the trip as much as I did, and hopefully it’ll inspire you to visit the place as well : )


    Japan Addict Z – Convention walkthrough

    Let’s just go ahead with the “business” part! The convention was located in the Zenith, Strasbourg’s huge performance hall and took place on 2-3rd June. I went there with the tram from the main railway station and took a little walk to the location. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be that huge and to be that much nature around such a place! As you can see below, it is a biiig place. The interior was nicely designed as well and divided into three parts for the convention: a concert place for the animations and cosplay event, an interior spot for the vendors and artists right before the scene, and another vending spot all around the corridor. Once again, it was huge and there were so many things to see!

    Though the event started only at 10′, there were already people queuing up at the entry when I arrived around 8’30. Of course, as soon as the doors opened, the Zenith was already crowded. Due to the many booths, I’m sure there was something for anyone – be it merchandise, artwork, beauty products, food, there was so much to see!

    Little shoutout for some creator’s booths:
    > Lovely Garden, who’s creating such lovely lolita accessories
    > Anna Karen, a painter with a stunning booth and beautiful landscape paintings
    > Poncho, an illustrator whose mascot is an alpaca, I mean, how can one not love alpacas?

    Though I didn’t have the chance to see much of them, there were many animations. I was located right behind the scene which was always crowded and were people seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a pity the curtains were right before, so I kept on hearing things but never got to see them. Once I got to make a quick tour through the convention, I also discovered people having fun with martial arts, karaoke, video and board games, … There was even a screen where one could play Just Dance XD Besides, this year’s theme being “Ghibli”, there was an interesting exhibition in the main hall about that topic. Do you enjoy Ghibli movies? : )

    There were also booths offering yummy food, the best being the Taiyaki Café. They were cooking taiyaki, Japanese fish-shaped waffles. The classical version contains azuki bean paste, but they also had fillings with vanilla pudding, matcha, ham, … Seeing as I could not leave my booth alone for a longer period of time, I went there four times to get my hand on one of those sweets, only to see that there was always an enormous queue. I eventually got some at the very end of the first day, once most exhibitors had already shut down their booths – and they were so yummy! A friend of mine had the courage to queue up for fifteen minutes the next day for me, so I could get another one 8D

    On the photo below, I took a little break eating my oh-so-yummy vanilla taiyaki and drinking some tea by Obubu Tea. They were preparing tea in a traditional Japanese manner and I discovered that green tea leaves could be eaten as salad with soy sauce.  It had a surprising yet appetizing taste. When I was alone at my booth, I enjoyed myself and drew some designs for upcoming illustrations. I will probably not use all of them, but I’m excited to share them with you soon!

    Overall, the organization of this convention was great. Maybe I am not used enough to bigger conventions, but I just loved this one. Be it the booth setups, the variety of exhibitors, the overall ambiance – I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to go back next year (mostly due to the fees, seeing as the friend hosting me at that time will move away from Strasbourg and I’ll probably have to pay for accommodation), but if possible, I’d love to come back. I have met lovely encounters, discovered wonderful artists, and enjoyed all of my time there!

    Visiting Strasbourg like a tourist <3

    I took advantage of being in Strasbourg to visit the city. As stated before, it is a place I enjoy and I already went there several times. So… here is my selection of the places to visit, should you want to discover it one day : )

    For the “tourist and shopping part”, the Grand’Rue is a nice place to start with. You’ll find plenty of stores for fashion, food, libraries, etc. I went to the Grunge Boutik to find new dresses and tried a corset dress for the first time… I struggled so hard to get in and didn’t even manage to do it XD My admiration for the ladies back then wearing corsets every day went up, I didn’t expect it to be so hard. The Petite France is also nearby, offering you more souvenir shops, classical Alsatian restaurants and a lovely architecture. It’s also interesting to discover the names of the streets and to see the German influence around the city.

    Otherwise, the Place Kléber and the place around the Cathedral are also nice to visit. Here, you will find more international stores such as Sephora, Fnac, Galeries Lafayette, … still mixed with typical Alsatian tourist stores, though. For once, I went to the Cathedral which is beautiful both from the outside as from the inside. As always with ancient architecture, it is stunning to see how people could build such magnificent edifices back then, though they were totally lacking machinery and modern resources. For shopping centers, you might want to visit Les Halles not far away from the main railway station and center, as well as Rivétoile, located a little outside the center around the old docks of the city.

    Another place I highly enjoyed is the Jardin des Deux Rives. It is a beautiful park outside the city where you can cross a bridge which will lead you to the city of Kehl in Germany. I visited it last winter and still had the chance to see it on a beautiful sunny day. If you are tired of shopping, tourists and tramways in Strasbourg,  you will love this airy and peaceful spot surrounded by greenery!


    For the food part, whenever I am visiting Strasbourg, I use to go to my two favourite restaurants. Le Kyoto is a Japanese restaurant with delicious menus and sushi, easily accessible in the Grand-Rue. As for the other one, Au Bureau is a bar-restaurant near Rivétoile inspired by English pubs, offering treats and local cuisine. Apparently, they change their menu each season, and the summer selection is just great!

    Besides, when you mention Strasbourg to me, I say “tea”. The Grand-Rue is filled with tea shops everywhere. As a big fan of this beverage, I always take advantage of my travels there to build up a new stock of various flavours. Le Thé des Muses is an adorable place where you can sit down in confortable sofas and sip a tea while working or chilling out with friends. The first time I went there, I was overwhelmed by their huge selection – their card contains so many flavours and seems to never end! This place is great for having a nice time in a cosy environment and offers the most exotic flavours I have ever seen.

    When I’m at home however, I prefer sipping a cup of Damman Frères, whose teas have a stronger and more defined flavour. For special treats, I think that no one tops the quality of Mariage Frères, whose limited events collections taste heavenly. I got their Automne Blanc White Tea last year and love discovering their new tastes – but seeing as the prices are especially high, it’s always difficult to restrain myself from buying the novelties. Otherwise, with the hot weather as of late, I started making iced tea, for which Palais des Thés are perfectly suited with their mild fruit infusions. Their hot teas lack character (seems weird to write that, but I don’t know how to express it otherwise XD) but their “Les Jardins” series, especially “Jardin d’eau” with its melon taste, are the best for cold brews. If you are looking for them or just want to smell new flavours, they are all aligned in the Grand-Rue.

    Anyways, thank you for reading this article – I hope this has given you an interesting overview about the JAZ and Strasbourg, and I’d be pleased if it motivates you to visit the one or other place there!

    And you, what are your favourite conventions and places to travel?
    Have you already been to Strasbourg?


  • Patreon & Lessons

    Patreon – June 2018


    June rewards overview, available for sign-ups during the entire month!

    If you, too, would like to get started as an artist, if there are things I can teach you, or if you are simply interested in my work, you might wanna consider supporting me on Patreon, where you can get your hands on exclusive guides, art lessons and tutorials, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at my current projects. I am currently focusing on two types of rewards: the creative ones with artwork, and the instructional ones with guides and lessons.



    For those who are more interested in creative perks, you will find the monthly newsletter, and a Patreon-exclusive illustration. It is available in two versions, a screentoned one, and a free-to-colour line art. Another illustration is available as a real time video along with a guide which offers you a commented insight into the creative process as well as the material references in the exact order as they have been used for each step. You can see it as an explanation on how I work on illustrations, or as a guide to help you with your colorations using Copic Markers.

    I have also created reference files for male character-designs. Students who start out drawing often ask me for references concerning hair and clothes, since they don’t necessary have the ideas for varied designs. The folder contains over 90 references that are free to use for your own characters.

    ArtClass – Drawing Hands

    A new art lesson has been added to the current database and is focusing on Drawing Hands. It replaced my elder French-only lesson on the same topic and is now available with new illustrations, better audio quality, new explanations tips, as well as reference sheets. Since hands are always a tricky part to draw, three different methods are presented. I have tried each of them with my students in real life and they usually appreciated either one of those – hopefully, they will help you master drawing hands as well!

    As always, you have a video, PDF print-out and exercises to go further and test your knowledge. As always, the lessons are perfectly bilingual in EN/FR to help a broader audience, and the English versions are translated by native speakers.

    ArtJourney – Shades & Lights

    I have the pleasure of introducing a new reward to the 10+ tier: ArtJourney files! What are those about? Basically, it will be a monthly series of complete sketchbooks with annotations, ideas, exercises, used resources and inspiration. Each file gives you a tour through my private sketchbooks and personal research on specific topics, on how to improve in various areas. Each month will focus on a specific topic, starting with Shades & Lights – to improve, I think that it is best to stay focused on one topic until you master it, rather than constantly switching between topics you won’t understand correctly if you don’t take the necessary time for it : )

    Over the last months, people requested more behind-the-scenes work. I am used to focus mostly on illustration, but as a matter of fact, studies are also an important part of the artistic process. I am striving to create always better pieces of artwork for you and to get to that point, I keep on studying and sketching. When creating art lessons, I am also used to trying out all the exercises I give to my students; it allows me to be sure I have mastered the concepts I am teaching and helps me revise them for my own art. In those files, you will be able to see all my personal sketches – the better and the worst ones along with various notes and exercises you can try yourself. On the contrary to my illustrations, the sketches will be far less glamourous – but I think they will be a good insight about how to evolve as an artist, and I hope they will help you understand concepts to use for your own artistic journey!

    Tutorials and art lessons are also available in my online shop. You may purchase them directly there if you wish to give it a first try without subscribing to Patreon.

    Join my journey!

    You can join Patreon and unsubscribe at any time. Your subscription also allows you to claim other perks, such as previous rewards, corrections and one-to-one guidance to improve your art, surprise packages, etc. The setup page is in English, but promised, every single reward is bilingual in both FR/EN : )

    Let’s help each other and create art together!


  • Artist's Blog

    Create a Sticker!


    Hello dearies! Last week, one of my Instagram stories about my newly bought sticker machine seemed to interest some of you
    – so here’s a little insight about it!


    I have been asked several times for stickers during conventions over the last months. After searching several websites to create them, I was faced over and over with the same problems: either the minimum required quantity was far too much, or the prices for lesser quantities was too expensive. Since I love crafting, I decided to look up “sticker machine” on Amazon – and funnily enough, I discovered there were indeed some. So, for a try, I went with the Xyron Create a Sticker machine for around 30€.

    Amazon’s delivery was fast as always, and I eventually received my machine along with a 5meter roll to create up to 12cm large stickers. The usage seemed pretty simple – put some piece of paper into the machine, turn the crank, and the paper comes out as a sticker on the other side!

    I decided to try my new toy as soon as I got it. First things first, I wanted to figure out if it was best to cut the stickers before putting them in the machine, or afterwards. For this test, I took two illustrations on cardstock paper – twice the same motive, the first already cut out, the second to be cut out afterwards. As the usage notice stated, I put both in, turned, and they came out on the other end. Surprise, they had been folded during their passage through the machine!

    I don’t know if it was due to the roll not being well set up for a first try, but I think the machine isn’t suited for thicker paper. As you can see, the ends where the paper was put in have been bent. Secondly, I found out that it is much easier to cut out the stickers before. I cut out the sticker which wasn’t and honestly barely managed to take the illustration off the paper. This shows nevertheless that the glue is very adherent – once it is glued, you won’t be able to take it off.

    The next stickers were created rapidly and easily. I printed the new motives on a 120g paper, and cut them out before putting them into the machine. I also discovered there were losses by tearing the paper out of the machine, so I ended up making them in one go.

    Once the stickers are out of the machine, I cut each of them individually in a rectangular form with a paper cutter, and here are the finished products!

    Now, what can I say about the machine? Overall, I’m satisfied with it.

    There are two small negative aspects to consider. The first one is that, even with a thinner paper, it happens that the edges are torn if I don’t place the illustrations correctly into the machine. Thus, you need to be extra careful when manipulating the crank. The second aspect is that sometimes, glue sticks to the edges. One illustration, for instance, started gluing onto my finger when I took it out of the machine because the edges were slightly sticky. Both situations occur every once in a while so that I can’t use those of lesser quality for sale and end up losing paper.

    I have yet to see how many stickers I will be able to make with a 5meter roll. So far, I have created a dozen of small (~7cm next to one another) and medium (~10cm on full width) stickers and seem to still have paper left. Refills can also be ordered on Amazon for around 18€.

    For the moment, I’m pretty much enjoying my new toy. Having never created stickers before, it allows me to test those products at a smaller scale, to produce whenever I need them without keeping a big stock and to try out any motive I feel like trying. Moreover, the machine is easy to use and allows the creation of neat stickers. I think it is perfect if you use it on a personal level or small scale – afterwards, if I happen to sell those stickers well during conventions, I will most probably switch to another method to produce them in a bigger quantity, but for now, it perfectly suits my needs : )

    Are you interested in those stickers? 8 motives are now available in my online shop – you can also find them during upcoming events, such as the Japan Addict Z in Strasbourg (FR) this week-end. Hope to see you there!

    Go to the shop to discover the new stickers!


    Now, let’s talk about you!
    Do you like stickers and customizing your objects with them?
    Are there any motives you would like to see?


  • Online Shop

    Portrait Artwork


    After a little break, private commissions are open once again! Order the commission of your choice – be it your OC, your favourite manga character, or your own portrait. Special care will be given to the colouring and details, and the original work will be shipped to you, thus revealing all the subtle, small details which are never fully rendered on prints : )


    Go to the Commission Shop Section here!



    I am offering two types of commissions art styles: Copic blending, recommended for detailed portraits, and ink work, suited if you wish more elaborate busts and portraits with more surrounding details. To give you a better insight into the creation of a portrait in blending style, you might be interested in watching a time lapse video I published a while ago.



    As an alternative, you might also be interested in live portrait drawings I am offering at discount prices during conventions. The next events will be Metztorii (Metz, FR) on 26+27/05 and Japan Addict Z (Strasbourg, FR) on 02+03/06. You can get you inked black and white portrait within 15 minutes, and discover other artists and interesting booths at the same time if you pay a visit to those events ; )

    Please note that those commissions are only for private use.
    If you are a business or if  you wish to order a commission for commercials and advertising, please contact me to get a customized quote.


  • Artwork

    Sweets & Goodies


    Hey dearies, how are you? For this week’s news, I wish to show you two recent pieces of artwork, and some ideas for goodies. I love sweets and warm beverages, which have inspired me lately. As you saw in latest posts, I have been inspired by tea and pralines – now I went with cakes and hot chocolate!

    The first one was inspired by Alice in Wonderland (Alice in Sweetsland now? ; ). I recently ordered some coloured Pentel brushes and Faber Castell Pitt liners, which I tried out on this illustration as soon as I got all of them, then combined it with my usual Copic markers. I have been using Dalbe 120g paper which I mostly use for all my illustrations – just for information, since there were people asking for my favourite material.

    As for the second work, I drew it after going to the Chocolate House in Luxembourg, a place which offers various cakes and chocolate sticks to melt in a mug. There are so many flavours, like chocolate sticks with fruits, tiramisu, sweets… If you haven’t been there yet and if you love chocolate, I recommend you pay it a visit!
    Chocolate House Website


    Those latest illustrations also inspired me for new goodies for upcoming conventions. I have been thinking about mugs, as well as tin boxes. Those ideas came to me while I was rearranging my tea corner in my room where I keep on accumulating big tea bags, and I thought it would be much neater to have elegant tin boxes to store the leaves. Since I also love drinking tea in pretty mugs, the idea came to me at the same time.

    I am currently looking into potential manufacturers to see whether I could get an affordable price for it. My biggest concern though is being able to carry those goodies without breaking them during transportation. I’ll see how it turns out, and keep you updated!


    Anyways, let me know your thoughts in a comment!
    Would you be interested in mugs or tea boxes?
    Are there any other goodies you would like to see?
    Thank you : D

    PS: Speaking of goodies, there is an ongoing art raffle on my Instagram to thank my first 100+ followers. You can win surprise packages filled with prints and other art stuff, so make sure you don’t miss it !
    Instagram @sabrinak.art

  • Artwork,  Patreon & Lessons

    We love Chocolate!


    I have recently been working on a gift project with chocolate!
    On top of the illustration, I tried making a sweet packaging and filled it with pralines. Do you like chocolate as well? : )

    For those who are interested in a behind the scenes process, I recorded a full time lapse video, photographed the references of the material used on every step, and am working on a commented walkthrough of this illustration. Everything will be released next month on Patreon.com/SabrinaK !


    Sorry for the weird background music in the video XD I keep on getting copyright complaints about the music I used despite having tried pretty much everything so I just took one of the random audios from my video editor. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on good royalty free music, I’d love to get the link ; )

  • Patreon & Lessons

    Patreon – May 2018


    May rewards overview, available for sign-ups during the entire month!

    If you, too, would like to get started as an artist, if there are things I can teach you, or if you are simply interested in my work, you might wanna consider supporting me on Patreon, where you can get your hands on exclusive guides, art lessons and tutorials, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at my current projects. I am currently focusing on two types of rewards: the creative ones with artwork, and the instructional ones with guides and lessons.




    For those who are more interested in creative perks, you will find the monthly newsletter, a HD comic and Patreon-exclusive illustration, as well as an illustration step-by-steps, which offers you a commented insight into the creative process as well as the material references in the exact order as they have been used for each step. You can see it as an explanation on how I work on illustrations, or as a guide to help you with your colorations using Copic Markers.


    Patreon Blog – Organization & Time Management

    Pblog is a collection of guides covering various art-related issues for freelancers, presenting the more technical and “behind-the-scenes” aspects of an artist’s life which are often underestimated by most people. This new guide is 47 pages long and focuses on organization and time management. It gives you many tips to work faster and better, no matter the area, focusing on advice learnt during my executive assistant studies and personal experience.

    Funnily enough, since I got started as an independent artist, I am spending more time handling non-artistic tasks than anything else: looking for clients, accountancy, administration, etc. Being self-employed, I realized more than ever how important it is to be disciplined and focused in order to find a proper balance between artistic and administrative work. While writing this guide, I was faced once again to the basics of time management learnt before, and analyzed my current situation to implement some small changes – I discovered once again how much time I spend answering emails, why I procrastinate screentoning manga pages, …

    I hope that this guide will help you face your own “weaknesses” to get the best out of you!

    Art Lesson – Linearts

    A new art lesson has been added to the current database and is focusing on Character Design & Shapes. It will help you create visually distinct characters with more impact, who inspire emotion in the reader. We often unconsciously associate character traits with certain shapes and perceive a character accordingly – this lesson shows you how to use that to your advantage.

    As always, you have a video, PDF print-out and exercises to go further and test your knowledge. As stated last month, I have been reworking my entire presentation to make the lessons’ layout more agreeable and switched to a bilingual EN/FR version to help a broader audience. When it comes to teaching, I want my lessons to be complete and easily understandable, so I ended up asking for help for the translations, seeing as I still do many mistakes in English and often translate literally. Art lessons and PBlog files being my most important rewards, they are translated by native speakers from now on, in order to offer you more agreeable tutorials without mistakes.

    Other tutorials and art lessons are available in the shop. You may purchase them directly there if you wish to give it a first try, or receive the files of your choice every month depending on your Patreon tier.

    Join my journey!

    You can join Patreon and unsubscribe at any time. Your subscription also allows you to claim other perks, such as previous rewards, corrections and one-to-one guidance to improve your art, surprise packages, etc. The setup page is in English, but promised, every single reward is bilingual in both FR/EN : )

    Let’s help each other and create art together!


  • Conventions & Events

    Workshops & Events

    Hello sweeties, how are you doing? As of late, I unfortunately lack time to update my website more regularly and have eventually decided to post one article every Wednesday and put quality over quantity with more detailed and interesting contents to keep you updated. For more regular posts, I invite you to follow me on Instagram @sabrinak.art, which I am currently focusing on since it is quick to update.

    Anyways, let’s get started for the weekly news!


    Upcoming Events & Conventions

    First of all, thank you so much to everyone who came at the Luxcon! I had a fantastic week-end and it was so lovely to see old and new faces again, to talk and laugh with you. As always, big thanks to the orga team for this wonderful event, and of course, thanks to all of you for your visit!

    For more photos, you might want to check out Geeks Life Luxembourg or Luxcon’s FB, they both have great photo galeries where you can (re)discover the con, the booths and the fantastic cosplays.

    Next month, I will be at  Inked Geeks’ Free Comic Book Day in Luxembourg, and Metztoori and Le Rayon Vert in France. If you are nearby, make sure to visit! As always, you can find all my upcoming events with all the details in the Events Section. If you would like to recommend other ones or see me at a certain place, please feel free to tell me and I’ll see if I can attend : )

    Manga Workshops

    If you prefer learning how to draw manga rather than visiting conventions, I am pleased to collaborate once again with the public library in Athus, and the CEPA for the Summerakademie!

    CHARADESIGN WORKSHOP at Bibliothèque Hubert Juin, Athus (BE) – 21/04 from 15h30-16h30.

    • During this workshop, you will be able to discover how to create your own manga character. It will focus on character-design and on more psychological aspects to make your characters unique and authentic. The presentation will be followed by a small art lesson where you will be able to apply the theory into practice by creating a portrait, and will be eventually closed by a signing session. To make the presentation more interesting, I will ask of you to participate during the entire process, so I am counting on you to be there with your usual cheerfulness and good ideas ; ) Anyone can participate, and it is entirely free.

    SUMMERAKADEMIE – 30h Workshop, Hollerich (LU) – 16/07-21/07 from 10h-13h or 14h-17.

    • Such as last year, I have the pleasure of being a teacher for the yearly Summerakademie in Luxembourg, an event offering various creative workshops for both children and adults. Seeing as the manga workshop were full last year, I will be animating two instead of one now. The morning session is planned to be for elder participants aged more than 18, while the afternoon course is for teenagers.
    • Such as last year, the workshop will focus on teaching you the basics of manga drawing, leading to the final creation of your own story – below are some of my student’s work from 2017. Having learned from last year and seen what can be achieved within two weeks, I have decided to add some new elements so that the course offers you an even more complete overview of manga drawing. I hope to see you there!

    Inscription with CEPA, places limited to 10 for each group.
    Morning WorkshopAfternoon Workshop



  • Online Shop

    Aesthetica & Shop News

    I have been updating the webshop during the entire last week, and I am pleased to announce that it is finally set up. There are various sections, ranging from art lessons and tutorials to prints and original artwork. Here’s a little overview of what you can find!

    Aesthetica – Artbook Vol.1

    I am most excited to present you my new book series, “Aesthetica”, of which I just received the copies! It’s been years that I wanted to create an artbook and I eventually decided to publish it in magazine format. The book presents my latest artwork, some of which are still unpublished, as well as some step-by-steps and insights into my private sketchbook, the whole project being in A5-format, printed on 250g matte quality paper.

    Aesthetica Vol.1 will be launched at the Luxcon this week-end. You can already order your copy in the shop, where you will find additional details. Please notify me if you wish to preorder and fetch your copy at the Luxcon; otherwise, the books will be sent out on Monday!

    Preorder Aesthetica Vol.1 in the shop!

    Exclusive Shop Products

    Seeing as I have created more and more products over time and don’t always have enough booth space at events, I have decided to sell some products exclusively in the shop. Among the current news, you will find stationary paper, and limited edition prints, which will be gradually updated.

    I have upgraded my Surprise Packages, which are available both in the shop and during conventions. To change from my elder packages and offer more interesting contents, the new packages will contain mostly exclusive prints, which will not be offered on regular conventions. Some of them are available as Shop Exclusivities, others will remain a total surprise, with a high quality rendering on linen pearl paper (because it’s so beautiful and shiny). Be it postcards, bookmarks or collector’s prints, most will be limited to a maximum of 5 copies, or a single one, depending on the motive. As always, one original A5 artwork will be present in each package, and some special gift vouchers are distributed here and there. So, from now on, surprises guaranteed for sure ; )

    Tutorials & Art Lessons

    Most of the shops news concern my Tutorials & Art Lessons section, where you can find tutorials, art lessons, behind-the-scene projects and more. I have made a proper presentation for each of them and uploaded the download files. Now, for every order, you will immediately receive a download link to get your desired files. Each file,  except for my old online lessons, is available in both English and French. I hope that it can give you an interesting insight into my work, and help you for your own art!

    As always, if you are interested in receiving various downloads, you might want to subscribe to Patreon.com/SabrinaK, where you can receive all those perks at a cheaper rate on a monthly basis : )

    Shop & Luxcon Discounts

    LUXCON – 1+1 FREE ON PRINTS – I also introduced a 1+1 free offer on prints last month on my website, which didn’t work because of the problems encountered. To make up for this, I will uphold it at the Luxcon this week-end. For every poster, postcard, bookmark and A5 collector prints, you will pay once the price and receive two copies of your choice. Don’t miss the event, you can come in cosplay and there are always awesome booths and products!

    SHOP – 50% PRINTSAs for the shop, various prints are available at a up to 50% discount in the Prints&Goodies category. Some of them are unique, such as the A0 Prints, others are low in stock and no reprints are planned, so make sure to get yours before it’s too late 😉


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    Just for fun… that’s what my place looks like when I prepare for a convention and take stock of every product I have. It’s a complete mess 8’D