Nice to meet you!

I’m Sabrina Kaufmann, a manga artist from Luxembourg illustrating feminity, fashion and fairytales. After a decade in the industry which burnt me out, and empowered by my experience both as an artist and a teacher where I could see what my students truly needed, I’ve decided to take it more slowly with illustration, and focus on coaching and entrepreneurship, to help aspiring artists go from Art to Business!

Illustrated Fairytales

(Re)discover Grimms’ and Andersen’s original fairytales, with a historical and psychological insight to dive deeper into each story!

Since 2016, the series is published for free on Tapastic, with an update every Monday & Thursday, 13H CEST. In 2019, the first volume saw the light after an amazing crowdfunding campaign funded within 48 hours!

IllusFairy remains my dearest project, and I’m working hard on the second book – in the meanwhile, the webcomic continues every single week and is waiting for new readers!

From Art to Business

Becoming an artist sometimes seems so abstract, and often, we don’t know how to start or where we’re heading… so I’m happy to introduce this new project to support aspiring illustrators!

Our free resources (YouTube & Blog) are designed to help you evolve as an illustrator with insights into the more obscure behind-the-scenes aspects like growing your audience, finding your clients, selling your merch and attending conventions, …. And on our Instagram, you’ll also get tons of useful tips, as well as advice from other artists to help you see all the possibilities in the industry!

Manga Workshops

I have been teaching since 2011, mostly in collaboration with schools and private students, all around Luxembourg and in neighbouring countries, focusing on manga workshops and art lessons. This extensive experience has allowed me to gain knowledge I wish to keep on sharing with other passionate people, by offering public workshops revolving around manga and comics. Whether you are a school, a business, or simply a manga lover, whether you need lessons in real life or virtual assistance – Let’s draw together!